Colorado Rockies: Bullpen Not Worth $100 Million

For the Colorado Rockies, the 2018 season was supposed to be a promising one. Especially for the fans. Instead, it has turned into one of early struggles. Although, those struggles are not a result of offense or starting pitching. The struggles have resulted from their bullpen. They have not lived up to their worth. That worth is nearly $100 million.

Between Brian Shaw and Wade Davis, the Rockies spent $77 million. You add in the re-signing of Jake McGee for another $27 million and the Rockies have broken the $100 million mark. All for nothing. At least to this point of the season.

At the time of this writing, the Colorado Rockies are four games back of the NL West-leading Arizona Diamond Backs. The Rockies are 33-34.

Brian Shaw was signed away from the Cleveland Indians for $27 million for 3 yrs. After the last two seasons with the Indians, this signing by the Rockies was deemed golden. However, Shaw is not living up to the previous two seasons. He is currently 2-5 with an ERA of 7.09 in 36 appearances. Shaw’s final ERA with the Indians was 3.52 in 79 appearances. His career ERA is 3.40. So Shaw is well off of his game. We need to see a change and soon if the Colorado Rockies intend to have such a magical season.

Next, we look at Jake McGee. McGee signed a 3yr $27 million contract with the Rockies after opting to test the free agent waters. Last season McGee was one of the better relievers for the Rockies. However, in 2018, he is not faring as well. He currently has a 4.50 ERA in 27 appearances. His less than stellar performances have not lived up to the money.

Finally, we look at Wade Davis. He signed a 3yr $52 million deal with the Rockies in the offseason. The team was in desperate need of a closure and Davis was one of the best in the league. Davis currently has an ERA of 3.42. Although he has only blown three saves, it is getting to him that has been the problem. Hence, Davis is not a big issue for the Rockies. Although, his big money contract is a waste if he just sits in the bullpen.

Many times the Colorado Rockies would go into the sixth inning or later with a lead. Manager Bud Black will then turn to his bullpen after a tremendous outing from his starter. Next thing you know, the lead has evaporated. This is all because the bullpen cannot keep the lead.

Now, I am not against the money they put out for Davis and Shaw. However, unless they start producing it could become a waste of $100 million.

Can the Colorado Rockies turn this season around? I believe so. Although it is going to take a valiant effort by the middle relievers to get the ball in the hands of Wade Davis to make this happen.

How do you feel about the bullpen of the Colorado Rockies? Leave a comment below.

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