Oceans 8: Are We Being Set Up For The Biggest Heist Ever?

The best scene of Oceans 8 very well could be the defining moment in the series of films to come. When Debbie Ocean went to the cemetery after she got out of prison, the camera gave us a view of Danny Ocean’s tombstone. Is Danny really dead? Well, according to his sister, he better be in there. But what if he isn’t? What if Danny is locked up or somewhere with Tess relaxing on a beach. What could that mean?

It’s simple. Much like Oceans 11, the first movie set the stage for more to come but never on a grand scale of what Oceans 8 could bring.

Here’s a possible scenario. What if during the last movie of this franchise, Debbie and Danny decide to pull one big heist together? It doesn’t matter what they steal, we just know it has to be big. Maybe they break into Fort Knox or rob something in Dubai, but image them and their crews working as a cohesive unit. Of course, there will be bickering along the way as both teams are just a bit crazy but with the Oceans leading the charge, there will be a sense of calm.

Oceans 8

To further bring some truth to my theory is that we were treated to two of Danny’s old crew members in Oceans 8. Reuben was there at the beginning with Debbie and during the heist, Danny’s old ‘Grease Man” Yen was able to help the ladies out. While each crew is different, merging them as one would provide them all the tools necessary to pull off a big heist. And talk about the laughs that will be in-between as they set this up, and the Oceans’ franchise could really go out in style.

Mixing the crews will bring Rusty to trade wits with Lou, while Linus could go head up with Daphne. If that’s not enough, think of the insane arguments between Livingston and Nine Ball. Or the high-pitched ribbing between Yen and Constance. And the quick personal jabs between Basher and the slick-tongued Amita.

While the new Oceans cast is looking to stand alone from the previous movies, pairing both crews together would give the fans a sense of closure most sex-mixed series never gets.

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