MasterChef Season 9 Episode 5 Live Stream: Watch Online

Welcome, MasterChef fans. It’s Wednesday night and that mean’s it is time for your favorite show. Chef Gordon Ramsay is back to provide his experience to aspiring chefs. It’s the first skills challenge for those competing. A synopsis of this week’s episode is below.

In the first skills test of the season, Gordon Ramsay teaches the home cooks how to properly break down a crab, before the contestants must replicate his work. The contestants whose skills don’t cut it, face an elimination challenge during which Ramsay will show them how to make his signature Crab Benedict dish.

This week’s episode is all about crabs. No, they aren’t the beach. Instead, the contestants must learn how to break down a crab and be able to make the dish right. Seafood is delicious to eat but it’s not the easiest the prep. It will be interesting to see how the contestants do and if any get yelled at by Chef Ramsey.

Wednesday’s we have MasterChef. One of the best shows on TV. Like I stated above, if you are away from the TV at home you can still catch your favorite show anywhere. Just make sure you have a good connection or else you’ll be scrambling wondering what happened to your favorite contestant in your favorite show.

A friendly reminder: you need to authenticate your cable provider in order to tune into this show away from your television and outside of any cable provider apps. This is not a free stream link below but it’s provided by the network and won’t give you spam or other bad stuff. It’s also a legit stream as well.

Here is where you can watch the MasterChef live stream on Wednesday. The episode airs at 8 pm and is sure to be worth the hour-long length.

Date: Wednesday, June 13

Start Time: 8:00 p.m. (EST)

Live Stream TV: FOX

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