Kansas City Chiefs: Three Bold Predictions for 2018

Last year the Kansas City Chiefs drafted a young QB out of Texas Tech. He was to be the heir apparent to Alex Smith. Patrick Mahomes would show his stuff in the final regular season game against the Denver Broncos. Thus giving Andy Reid and the rest of the Chiefs organization the confidence to trade Smith to the Washington Redskins and go ahead with Mahomes. However, how will that translate into 2018? One game does not make a career. How Bold will the Chiefs be with Mahomes under center? Well, we will see enough. Here are three BOLD predictions for the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs.

  1. Travis Kelce will have 100 or more receptions

For a TE to be even close to 100 receptions is a remarkable feat. However, that should be the case with Kelce. With the trade of Alex Smith and the move to the young Mahomes, the TE will be more in play. Kelce should become a security blanket for Mahomes. Thus, he may see more balls than when Smith was under center. Although, Mahomes is a gunslinger I look for the Reid and staff to be somewhat conservative with him in the beginning.

  1. Kareem Hunt will hit a sophomore slump

Last years leading rusher, Hunt was a star for the Chiefs. He helped alleviate pressure from Smith and the offense. But 2018 could be different. Teams now have tape on the young back and his tendencies. Also, the Kansas City Chiefs are turning to a young, inexperienced QB. Teams are going to stack the box and make Patrick Mahomes beat them. Just because Mahomes played well against the Broncos, does not mean he will sustain that for 16 games. Hence the need for a solid run game.

  1. The Kansas City Chiefs will miss the playoffs

After back-to-back AFC West championships, a let down is bound to happen. The Chiefs are moving on at QB, they lost some pieces on defense (Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, and Marcus Peters), and the AFC West is a strong division. I believe that the losses are defense will be the most significant causing the Kansas City Chiefs to miss the 2018/19 NFL Playoffs.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a team in transition. In fact, with these transitions, 2018 could be a tough task. If Hunt does not hit the sophomore slump this season could be better than I expect.

How do you feel about the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs? Leave a comment below.

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