New England Patriots: 3 Bold Predictions for 2018

The New England Patriots had a heartbreaking loss in the Super Bowl to end their 2018 season. They lost to first-time winners the Philadelphia Eagles. The Pats have dominated and since their dynasty began in the early 2000’s. They have made it look easy despite the different conflicts they have been in. Is the end of that run or do they one more season to make a fun at a 6th Super Bowl title. Here are my three bold predictions for the Patriots in 2018.


1. Patriots will win the AFC East. However, it won’t be easy.

The New England Patriots will win the AFC East again but it will not be easy. All of the other teams within the division have made moves to become better. The Patriots have used their dominance to hold the AFC East crown for a long time. The Patriots have lost a lot during the offseason and it will make it very hard to continue winning the eight games within the division. They lost many guys of offense and defense which will make the whole team have to step up. In the end, I believe they will find a way to win the division but their time is running out.

2. Tom Brady will have a tough season.

Brady has had it pretty easy for most of his career even though he missed a season after a terrible knee injury. This season will be tough. He has once again lost a major weapon in Julian Edelman. Edelman was injured during the preseason last year with an ACL pull now this year he will be suspended for the first 4 games for using PEDs. He lost many weapons on offense last year and the fact that they did not draft his replacement in the draft this year if he gets injured the season will be done. He will have rookies at the WR area and a new rookie offensive lineman that will protect his blind side. There will be many adjustments to the offense this year and if he stays healthy they will be alright if not the season will be a waste.

3. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady ride off into the sunset.

If the Pats overcome all the changes from last year and overcome the Super Bowl loss if they can win it all one more time this will be the last go around for Brady and Belichick. The team has e a new defensive coordinator. Matt Patricia is now the new head coach in Detroit. They have lost weapons on both sides of the ball. They have filled some of those holes in free agency and the draft. Nonetheless, if this team can overcome all the changes and find a way back to the Super Bowl it would be a great achievement. Does Belichick have one more great season left? If so I believe it will the last time we see him and Brady together.


The New England Patriots will find a way to win the AFC East again. Although, it will not be as easy as it has been. This will be Tom Brady toughest season yet. In fact, if the Pats win a Super Bowl this year it will be the last time we see Brady and Belichick. I believe these will all happen. The three teams within the Patriots division all have gotten better the Pats dominance of the division is coming to an end. Brady has lost so many weapons it will be very hard to have another MVP time season. If the Patriots come back from all that has happened and win the big one this year it will be the last for Brady and Belichick.

How do you feel about the New England Patriots in 2018? Leave a comment below.

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