Minnesota Vikings: Three Bold Predictions for 2018

The Minnesota Vikings had a surprise year in 2017. From the play of Case Keenum to making the NFC Championship game, it was all more than expected. Now in 2018, they will need to the answer the bell once again. They have a new QB and should also return their young star running back from injury. What about some unexpected stuff. Well, we like to go bold. So here are three BOLD predictions for the 2018 Minnesota Vikings season.

  1. Dalvin Cook will win the rushing title

Cook was well on his way to competing for this title in 2017. Therefore this may not be so bold. Thus why it is at number three. In any case, Cook will help take the fire off Kirk Cousins. That is something that Cousins rarely had with the Washington Redskins. If the Vikings are able to run the football with consistency, they should have no troubles getting Cook to the top of the NFL.

  1. Kirk Cousins will not be in MVP talks.

While Cousins is a good QB, he is not an MVP. Why? Well, he cannot win the big game. Does that change in Minnesota? Maybe. However, the team was good enough with Case Keenum in 2017 to Reach the NFC Championship that I am not certain they needed the big money move. Nonetheless, they made it. Although, I believe that with the way they can run the football and their defense that they will not have to rely on the right arm of Cousins in a way that the Redskins did.

  1. The Vikings will only be a wild card team

Last season the Minnesota Vikings played for the NFC Championship. However, they played in a division that ended up being not very competitive as the won it by four games. That will not be the case in 2018. The Green Bay Packers return Aaron Rodgers and made some changes along their defense that should make them competitive once again. The Detroit Lions are under a new eye and you never know how well a team will perform under new coaching. Finally, the Chicago Bears have to be one of the most improved teams in the NFL coming into 2018. All will help lead to a slip in the record of the Minnesota Vikings.

While the Vikings did play for a chance to be the NFL team to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium, they fell just a bit shy. Heading in 2018 they look to improve that mark with a new QB and new offensive coordinator. If we see these bold predictions play out, it is a possibility.

How do you feel about the Minnesota Vikings heading into the 2018 NFL Season? Leave a comment below.

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