UFC: After losing at UFC 225, CM Punk has lost a ton of credibility

At UFC 225, CM Punk lost his second fight ever to Mike Johnson. It’s worth noting that the event was held in Chicago. After the event, Dana White made some comments about Punk’s future in UFC. He said that he thinks that Punk should wrap it up already. In his two-year run in the UFC, Punk has a record of 0-2. This may be out there, but maybe Punk being in the UFC is killing his credibility.


Prior to Punk entering the MMA world, he was a mainstay in the professional wrestling world. He began his wrestling career on the indies before making the jump to the WWE in the mid-2000’s. While he was in the WWE, he would accomplish several feats. One of them being that he held the WWE Championship for 434 days. There are some people who credit him and Daniel Bryan with bringing the WWE to the indies scene. After having some issues with the WWE, he would end up walking out of the company in January of 2014. He would end up announcing a few months later that he has signed with the UFC and will be having his first match soon. Neither of Punk’s UFC fights has gone his way.

If you lose a match in the WWE, it’s not the end of the world. You will get back to winning soon enough. However, the same can’t be said about Ultimate Fighting. Yes, there have been a few people over the years to make the jump from UFC to WWE. Some of them include Ken Shamrock and Ronda Rousey. While they have made the jump, there has only been one to make the jump from WWE, Brock Lesnar. He has won a title in the octagon. However, as we have seen with CM Punk, some people aren’t made out to be in the octagon.

I bring up the credibility for one point. If he ever decides to return to the WWE, the hardcore fans who are also ultimate fighting fans may not look at him the same way. If I were him, I would walk away from the UFC. Take some time off to heal up and somehow get back to wrestling. It’s simple, he isn’t cut to be a UFC fighter.

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