Darien Lake: Mind Eraser Is In The Running For Worst Coaster Ever

I’m not one to bash a coaster. I’ll usually find positives in just about anything. With that being said, Mind Eraser at Darien Lake makes that quite tough. It’s not a good coaster and might be in the running for worst I’ve ever done.

I do like Darien Lake. It’s a nice park with a great collection of rides. As a coaster fan, you’re not going to be blown away by their selection. Tantrum is a great new addition to the park. One thing Darien Lake shouldn’t do is market around Mind Eraser.

The Vekoma SLC might be the worst coaster I’ve ever done. I’ll be the first to admit that every coaster has its faults, but Mind Eraser is just full of them. This is every coaster enthusiasts worst nightmare. Had it not been for the credit, I would have never ventured on this.

It’s not the roughness and headbanging of Mind Eraser that was my biggest concern. The ride itself is in need of some serious TLC. The paint is coming off the station, the track is anything but the color it should be, and the station itself looks so outdated and old. And I could have lived with these situations had the coaster been worth it.


Like most Vekoma SLC’s, this is a very uncomfortable ride. For starters, the restraints rest awkwardly on your shoulders, making any kind of inversion a real pain. The number of times I groaned on this coaster easily reached double digits. I had no movement of my arms. It felt like I was just stapled in the whole ride.

I’m sure there are many elements on this coaster. I couldn’t really get a chance to tell though. All I wanted to do was get off the coaster for good. This is probably a great ride without it being so rough. Even comparing this to Flight Deck at Canada’s Wonderland, I was in awe of how much better that coaster was.

If you don’t like Vekoma SLC’s, Mind Eraser won’t do anything to change your mind. Darien Lake needs to think long and hard about the future of this coaster. Six Flags might be wise to invest in new trains and restraints. ( If they intend to keep Mind Eraser.)

I encourage every enthusiast to think long and hard about riding Mind Eraser. This coaster won’t be on your top-10 list. It’s going to be really hard for anything to beat this as the worst coaster.


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