New York Mets: The time has come to move Jacob deGrom

The New York Mets are on life support as the 2018 installment of the Subway Series with the New York Yankees gets underway. They are on life support because if they don’t sweep the Yankees or at least take two out of three then the season could be in major danger. They are sending out Jacob deGrom to take the hill. While he has pitched well so far, the offense has done crap for him. With the trade deadline a little bit over a month away, the Mets would be fools to keep deGrom.


As of now, deGrom has been one of the pitching staff’s consistent pieces since making his debut in 2014. Since he made his debut, he has averaged a record of 14-9 with an ERA slightly under 3. Being that he is 29 years old, he is still in his prime. He is signed through the 2018 season and would be eligible for arbitration before the 2019 and 2020 season. The star pitcher isn’t set to be a free agent in 2021.

The way the Mets have been going with paying players as of recent, they won’t pay deGrom what he is worth. It would benefit them to trade him now because of two reasons. He is in his prime and the Mets could get a decent return for him. Also, the way the Mets are being put together, they are nowhere near playoff worthy, so deGrom would be stuck playing for a non-contender.

If I were deGrom, I am thankful for the Mets giving me the opportunity to make my name. However, with only one World Series appearance in his time, he needs to be moved. You don’t want to waste the prime of someone’s career with bad seasons.

You can send him to teams like the New York Yankees, Houston Astros, or a team that will be a playoff contender for years to come. I know Mets fans will add the emotional part to it, but this is a business.

With that being said, the Mets should sign Noah Syndergaard to a long-term deal so that you don’t lose him as well. If a team is going a few steps back, they don’t want to go back to square one.


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