MLB Rumors: Manny Machado To The Cardinals For Michael Wacha Is A Possibility

It’s that time of the year where MLB Rumors will control the market. The NBA and NHL Finals are over. NFL is heading into Training Camp and all that leaves is MLB season. Specifically trades and rumors. One of the best to come down the pipeline is the Baltimore Orioles sending star Manny Machado to the St. Louis Cardinals for pitcher Michael Wacha.

Well, according to Zachary D. Rymer of Bleacher Report, he believes that Machado is not worth that much on the trade market.

One would think for one of the better infielders in MLB, that Machado will bring in a bigger haul. But here is the issue with that. The Orioles are one of the worst teams in baseball and other teams know it. What this does is lower the price on Machado. Many feel that he will not resign with Baltimore past this season so the Orioles have their hands tied.

What Rymer is putting on the table is a deal for Machado that will give the Orioles a great arm for their rotation. Since Machado will be a free agent, the Cardinals will only have him on a rental. The same goes for Wacha. But then, the bright spot for Baltimore is they will have his $16 million off their books while Wacha is due slightly over $5 million. This deal works for both clubs, money wise.

Is Manny Machado For Michael Wacha A Good Deal?

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Take a look at the Orioles pitching staff. No pitcher has more than four wins on the season while their two best pitchers have lost a combined 15 games. They need help. Now, the Orioles could move Manny Machado for someone else or prospects from the Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees or another team but are they wiling to take that chance this season? What happens if no one bites during the trade deadline and they’re stuck with Machado?

The Cardinals could make this deal and probably not miss a beat. He could side in at SS and bring with him his 18 home runs and 50 RBIs to a team that’s only a handful of games behind the Milwaukee Brewers for the top spot in the NL Central. On the Orioles side, Michael Wacha is flaunting a 7-1 record combined with 61 strikeouts and a 2.41 ERA. This is exactly what the Orioles need. But will it happen? Possibly not.

The reason for that is, teams like the Yankees and Phillies will offer more. The issue is, the Orioles better act now before this is the only deal left on the table. Manny Machado for Michael Wacha may sound far-fetched but it could be a possibility. I still believe they could hold out for more.

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