Golden State Warriors: Is It Time to Trade Three-Time Champ Klay Thompson?

The Golden State Warriors have their first dynasty in franchise history, but could it be time to consider dealing an elite shooter in Klay Thompson? Shooting guard Klay Thompson could stay in Oakland and play second or third fiddle. Or the three-time champion could go elsewhere and receive a big contract while contending for a title.

Thompson’s value is high thanks to his performances in the playoffs and the experience he brings to a club. He also has the ability to go off and carry a team. Imagine if he went to Philly and made magic happen with Ben Simmons. Boston would make sense (obviously a lot has to happen to get that signing or trade done).

Thompson should be the most coveted soon-to-be free agent, not LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George. (I assume Kevin Durant remains in Golden State). He is only 28 years old and will be a free agent after the 2018-19 season.

Golden State would have to let go of somebody in order to have a decent bench around Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Also if the Warriors want to keep Draymond Green, then that doesn’t help Klay’s chances of staying in the blue and gold.

The Los Angeles Lakers should be in pursuit of Klay Thompson as quickly as possible. Not only do they have the assets, but Klay would be able to sign with them long-term. He, believe it or not, can change the league by leaving Oakland next summer and getting his money elsewhere.

The Warriors should be calling teams and gauging the market for their star Splash Brother. Golden State didn’t have the best roster in this year’s playoffs and relied a lot on Curry and KD. So by dealing Klay they can improve their roster and add more quality shooters and veterans.

The team should enjoy their championship parade; it’s not something they need to worry about yet. But, it’s something they shouldn’t ignore either.

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