San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo Must Plead His Case For Dez Bryant

Despite what the Dallas Cowboys think about Dez Bryant, he’s still a valuable receiver. But what does that say about a player who continues to sit at home while teams are already on the field? In Bryant’s mind, he wants revenge. He wants to play the Cowboys twice a season and show them they made a mistake. That’s all well and good for a scorned lover but Dez has to realize, he should aim higher. The San Francisco 49ers would be the ultimate slap in the face other than any team in the NFC East Division. All Jimmy Garoppolo has to say is “I want Dez Bryant on my team”.

The Cowboys and 49ers have a long-standing rivalry that goes back to the Joe Montana and Emmitt Smith days. But now with the 49ers moving towards being relevant again in the NFL, signing Dez Bryant is the smart move.

With Jimmy Garoppolo set to begin his first full season as the signal caller for the San Franciso 49ers, he still needs weapons. With Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin and second-round draft pick Dante Pettis as the possible main receivers, that won’t be enough. Although Garoppolo did manage to win his first five starts last season with just Goodwin at the helm, imagine what he could do with Bryant.

Would Dez Bryant Be A Good Fit For Jimmy Garoppolo?

Garcon is a veteran who has played with Peyton Manning and also caught passes from Kirk Cousins. But his time in the league has been marred by injuries and inconsistencies. If the 49ers are serious about taking a shot with the elite, then Bryant is the reason they will have a solid chance. Bryant is not the fastest and even at 6-2, he can get the tough catch across the middle or still beat his defender on an out-route.

San Francisco 49ers

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Over his career, Bryant has caught 531 passes for 7459 yards and 73 touchdowns. However, he has yet to reach the same level as Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and DeAndre Hopkins. It’s not like Jerry Rice heading to the Seattle Seahawks to hold on to a Hall of Fame career. Bryant has a chance to help lead a new regime of Niners while doing it in the face of the Cowboys. Nothing could be sweeter.

But yet, the San Francisco 49ers have played the background while teams like the Baltimore Ravens and possibly the Green Bay Packers have emerged as possible suitors. This is the one area where the 49ers have failed Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason. With an abundance of receivers free this summer, the 49ers missed a great opportunity to improve. But now with Bryant sitting there waiting, the time is right for the team to pounce. Why should the Niners sit and watch a team like the Packers, Eagles or New York Giants get a reliable veteran player who can help bridge the gap from reserve to possibly Pro Bowler for Jimmy Garoppolo?

To be relevant in this league, you must take chances. Dez Bryant is worth the risk. If they won’t do it to piss off the Cowboys, then do it for your QB.

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