NFL: Three Players to Declare for the Supplemental Draft

As of today, three players are ready to petition to enter their names into the NFL’s Supplemental Draft. The NFL expects the event to take place next month. The Supplemental Draft was enacted in 1977 for players who had various circumstances affect their eligibility and did not enter the main NFL Draft. These circumstances can vary from academic issues, off-field concerns, or other issues. If a team selects a player in the Supplemental Draft they give up a pick in the 2019 NFL Draft that corresponds with the round selection they use to select the player. For example, if you use a fifth-round pick in the Supplemental Draft to select a player you must forfeit your 2019-fifth.


There have been varying levels of NFL success for players that have entered the Supplemental Draft. Although 43 players have been selected over the last several decades, Cris Carter is the only one to obtain Hall of Fame status. Carter was selected in the 4th-round of the 1987 Supplemental Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. He, of course, achieved most of his success with the Minnesota Vikings.

In addition to Carter, other players selected over the years include Bernie Kosar (QB, Cleveland Browns, ’85), Brian Bosworth (LB, Seattle Seahawks, ’87), Steve Walsh (QB, Dallas Cowboys, ’89). The most recent player drafted of note is Josh Gordon (WR/Cleveland Browns). The Browns selected Gordon in the second-round of the 2012 Supplemental Draft. Since then he has managed great success when he hasn’t been suspended. This year, three cornerbacks have asked to have their names put in the hat. Below we will break them down.


Coming into the 2017 season, many talked highly of Alexander. He is 6’3” with a long wingspan. In fact, Alexander showed enough ball skills to tell me he can translate to the NFL. However, he struggled a little in 2017 which made me feel he made the right decision to go back to Virginia Tech. Nevertheless, Virginia Tech declared Alexander academically ineligible. Thus, making his decision to jump to the NFL a little easier. He also had a minor arrest as a freshman.



I have not studied Beal up to this point so I will defer to Jeff Risdon of USA Today’s Browns Wire and Texans Wire sites. Jeff is my go-to guy on all things MACtion. Jeff wrote on Twitter about Beal, “Beal is real good, almost declared for ’18 draft. 6-1 w/ track speed, best in press-man. Ball skills are ok, good tackler. Turn-and-run burst is better than most CBs in this last draft class”. Beal could become the highest Supplemental Draft entrant drafted since Gordon if he is this good.



Brandon Bryant is a 6’0”215-pound safety. Bryant has been productive on the backend with five career interceptions and 157 total tackles. Hence, he could be of interest to teams looking to add depth and special teams to the bottom of their 53-man rosters.


What do you think of these three players entering the Supplemental Draft? Let us know in the comments!

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