World Cup 2018 Preview: Who Will Win Group D?

On December 1st, 2017, FIFA had their 2018 World Cup Group Stage Draw. While there are variations in each group, some are seemingly weaker than others. Here is how the committee drew Group D:





Favorite To Win Group DArgentina

With one of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi will do everything he can to win a World Cup. Argentina and Messi should breeze by this group, advancing to the knockout round.

Favorite To Advance Out Of Group DNigeria

Nigeria is always a headache to Teams in group stages. Expect Nigeria to play physical football and punish teams into submission. Nigeria should Advance out, but not without a fight.


Least Likely To Advance Out Of Group DCroatia

If Croatia was in any other group, they would be able to advance with ease, but being in one of the toughest groups, Croatia may not advance. Croatia is going to have to take the lead early in these games, to avoid playing from behind to set up a win, but their strikers may have a hard time with these great defenses in this group.

Dark Horse To Advance Out Of Group DIceland

After the worldwide success, Iceland achieved at the Euro Cup, expect them to play some hard football to get them out of the group stage. Iceland may not have all-star players, but they do have an all-star formula, which could push them over the edge to get through this stage.

This group will be very exciting to watch and see how the teams will handle the pressure of the World Cup. Each team is looking to represent their country in the best possible way, and that is by bringing home the trophy. Be sure to tune in next week to check out the next group preview. Please leave a comment below on who you think will advance?

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