Cleveland Browns: John Dorsey continues to add Talent

When Jimmy Haslam, Owner of the Cleveland Browns signed John Dorsey and Eliot Wolf you knew that the dynamics of the organization would change. Since then they have added player after player and talent after talent. They continue to improve the landscape of one of the most negative franchises since 1999. How have they done it?

Adding talent to a football team is the best thing that a GM can do. Whether it be through the draft or free agency. When John Dorsey acquired the team, they had an available salary cap of over $100 million. Now, after trades, free agent signings, and draft signings, the Cleveland Browns have $68 million.

In the beginning, they set the tone with trades for WR Jarvis Landry, veteran QB Tyrod Taylor, and veteran DB Demarious Randall. All changing the landscape of the franchise for the better. Now their latest free agent signing, Mychal Kendricks continues to add to that landscape.

Kendricks makes the LB corps of the Cleveland Browns one of the best in the league. Thus, he is joining the team with others like Jamie Collins and Christian Kirksey. Not to mention young players like Carl Nassib and Joe Schobert. The Browns are set up to be a very competitive team.

Defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams will have the talent that he can be very creative in disguising his defenses. They feel that Kendricks can play all three LB positions. Hence, allowing Williams to have the creativity mentioned.

The Kendricks signing also allows Jabrill Peppers to play more safety. In fact, He can roam the defensive backfield looking to grab the ball. With his return skills, this is best for the Cleveland Browns defense. Peppers will not have to fill the box or play a hybrid position.

The Cleveland Browns continue to make improvements on both sides of the ball. This latest signing is just the continuation of spraying the extinguisher on what was once the dumpster fire of the NFL.

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