2018 World Cup: Who Will Win Group B?

On December 1st, 2017, FIFA has their 2018 World Cup Group Stage Draw. This year’s World Cup is located in Russia and they are looking to surprise viewers with amazing stadiums! While there is a variation in each group, some are seemingly weaker than others, here is how Group B was drawn:




IR Iran 

Favorite To Win Group B – Portugal 

With arguably the best winger in all of soccer, Ronaldo looks to walk out of this World Cup with the trophy. Indeed, no one in this group will stop him.

Favorite To Advance Out Of Group B – Spain

Spain is consistent and can be a force to reckon with. In fact, their excellent team playing abilities allow them to handle some of the weaker teams in this group.

Least Likely To Advance Out Of Group B – IR Iran

With no star-studded lineup or even star-studded coach, IR Iran is going to have a hard time facing this star-studded group. Thus, they will ultimately not advance through.

Dark Horse To Advance Out Of Group B – Morocco

This one is tough as well because Morocco is still going to have a hard time advancing, regardless of the group. But they have a better chance of advancing then IR Iran. Nevertheless, if Morocco is able to keep the opposing team from scoring a multitude of goals, Morocco may just have a chance to get a few points out of the group stage.

This group will be very exciting to watch and see how the teams will handle the pressure of the World Cup. Each team is looking to represent their country in the best possible way, and that is by bringing home the trophy.

Be sure to tune in next week to check out the next group preview. Also, be sure to comment below on who you think will advance?

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