The Vegas Golden Knights Is The New Age Hockey Cinderella Story

As the 2018 NHL season began, it started with an expansion team named the Vegas Golden Knights. Which meant there would be an expansion draft where every other NHL franchise would have to tag players. The players that they left untagged would be free liberty to the Knights to add to their team. Many fans of the other teams do not like that rule but this is how expansion teams build their roster. The Knights also got the first overall pick in the draft, meaning they would obtain the best player available. Not many experts and fans gave the Knights a chance to win. Many of them said they would be a bottom-ranked team but they surprised everyone.

The Vegas Golden Knights, in the first part of their season, lost three goalies and were on their emergency goalie for a while. They selected Marc-Andre Fleury and Malcolm Subban which they lost right away to start their season. They had a team full of players that other teams were not worried about losing. Their coach Gerard Gallant was fired by the Florida Panthers and was left at the airport. The Panthers made him find his own flight home. The opportunity with the Knights came available and he took it.

The season may have been a struggle in the beginning, but somehow the Knights were the top team in Western Conference. Gallant found a way to bring his team together. Playing inside TB Mobile Arena was scary. The Knights had no problem selling out their games and they made hard for teams to come in there and win. Being that they are in Las Vegas, everything is different. Instead of an organ like most arenas, the Knights have a drumline. They also have a pre-game show where their mascot defends the ice against their opponent on that night.

Are The Vegas Golden Knights The Real Deal?

As the season drew to a conclusion, the Knights found themselves on top of the Western Conference. Many experts said they would not make it out of the first round as lack of experience would catch up to them. They would be the No. 1 seed and would get the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings were favored to win this series. So the Knights took the underdog approach and swept the Kings in the first round. They would get the San Jose Sharks in the second round. After the teams traded wins in the first four games, the Knights would win the next two and find themselves in the Conference Finals.

In the Conference Finals, they would get the remaining Canadian team, the Winnipeg Jets. A Canadian franchise has not won the Stanley Cup since 1993. The Jets never stood a chance as the Vegas Golden Knights rolled over them in five games and punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup final.

This is an expansion team that set records for wins, points, and goals. They now face the Eastern Conference champion Washington Capitals in the Finals. In this series, they are favored to win and would be the first ever expansion team to win the Stanley Cup. I like them and are hoping they win the cup.

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