WWE: Forget Brock Lesnar, Make Bobby Lashley The Beast Of RAW

Brock Lesnar needs to go. He’s made a mockery of the WWE Universal Title by only defending it every 6 months. It’s clear WWE doesn’t care. And with Bobby Lashley on a full-time deal, they’ve got no reason to keep Lesnar as champ.

Lashley was the king of Impact Wrestling. He once held every belt the company had. When talking about dominance, you need to mention him in the same breath as Lesnar. And the beauty of Lashley is that he’s full-time. That’s something Brock isn’t.

Giving Bobby Lashley the Universal Title is the smart move. Like Brock, he’s got an MMA background and has dominated his opponents. There are many similarities between the two. If anyone is to beat The Beast for the title, it should be Lashley.

We’ve seen Brock Lesnar hold the title for far too long. You can count on one hand the number of title defenses he’s had since retaining the title last year. Lashley doesn’t miss a live show. It would finally bring some relevance back to the title if he were to win it.

Not only does Lashley need to win the title, he needs to beat Brock. This will get him over with the casual fan. Many believe Lesnar is untouchable. As mentioned before, Lashley is the man to beat him. Brock would have finally met his match. Nobody would fault WWE giving Lashley the belt.


The payoff for Bobby Lashley as champ would see him face off against Braun Stroman at WrestleMania. There’s also the chance of a triple threat with Lesnar. That’s the direction WWE should be headed. It’s the match many want to see.

WWE can’t take the easy way out and have Lesnar still champ at Mania. They need to rid him of the title at SummerSlam. Getting the Universal Title back as the main belt on RAW is what they need to do be doing. Put Lesnar back into the title mix leading up to Mania. Don’t let him keep the belt until then, as it will devalue the title more than it already has been.

Many are upset that Brock still has the title. He’s not the draw that he once was. Defending and appearing on RAW or a PPV every 6 months has soured a lot of fans on him. Paul Heyman is the one that’s over, not Lesnar. Lashley might not be the most over on the roster, but the WWE Universe knows he’ll bring relevance back to the belt.

We’ve seen Brock Lesnar hold the title for far too long. It’s time Bobby Lashley take the belt away from him. There aren’t very many that can match up with Lesnar, but Lashley is one. Seeing him defeat the champ wouldn’t be a shock to anyone.


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