Philadelphia Eagles: Will Carson Wentz be overlooking Nick Foles?

For most teams having two QBs that are worthy of starting is a nice thing. That means that there is no fear for when the starter goes down. However, at times this can cause major controversy as well. Thus the case with the Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz went down in week 14 of the 2017 season with a torn ACL. In steps Nick Foles. Not a single person, including me, though the Eagles would be the team they were with Foles. Now he is a Super Bowl winning QB and MVP. So, where does this leave the Eagles? Moreover, where does this leave Carson Wentz?

Before his injury, Wentz was playing like an MVP. He was in a tight race with Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans. Wentz had guided the Philadelphia Eagles to the best record in the NFL. Wentz completed 60 percent of his passes in those 13 weeks. He also threw for 3,296 yards, 33 TDs, and 7 INTs. Giving him an outstanding passer rating of 101.9 on the season. Then tragedy struck. On a dive for a TD against the Los Angeles Rams, Wentz tore his ACL.

The injury would lead the Philadelphia Eagles to turn to Nick Foles. Foles had a knack for being an up and down QB. One game he would be an all-star QB. Leading drive after drive and his team to victory. The next game, Foles would come out and look like trash. Throwing interceptions, holding the ball too long for sacks, and fumbling. Often times he was a sitting duck in the pocket.

Nonetheless, the Philadelphia Eagles sat in the saddle of Foles for the remainder of the 2017 season. Ironically, Nick Foles got better as the season and playoffs progressed. So much so that the journeyman QB would catch a TD pass and lead the Eagles to their first-ever franchise Super Bowl victory and the game’s MVP. Earning a re-worked contract along the way.

Meanwhile, Head Coach Doug Pederson may say that this is Carson Wentz’s team. Nick Foles may also say that this team belongs to Carson Wentz. However, in the back of both minds, this could be just hope. While recovering from ACL tears are more commonplace than they used to be, it is still a significant injury. Many players are gun-shy upon initial return. I am not saying that Wentz will be. Although it has to be in the back of many minds.

Also, the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are so fickle that if Carson Wentz does so signs of unrest, they will be calling for his head sooner rather than later. Hell, this fan base booed Santa Claus. Of course, they will chop a franchise QB in half.

So, is Carson Wentz playing the role of a lame duck QB? I do not think he is. He is a tough son of a gun and will be right back to his 2017 form come week one. Thus giving the Eagles what every team wants, two competent QBs. In fact, the Philadelphia Eagles will only have to pay out one big QB contract. That won’t be for a couple of seasons.

How do you feel about Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, and the Philadelphia Eagles? Leave a comment below.

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