On My Block: Cesar And Monse Have A Lot Standing In Their Way

How will Monse and Cesar continue their relationship? With On My Block giving us a lot of questions heading into Season 2, one of the main points of interest is their love affair. With the issues he is having as he tries to escape the gang life, their time together is anything but normal.

At the end of Season 1, we see Ruby and Olivia both get shot because of Cesar’s involvement in gangs. He wants out of that life to live normally. While he knows Ruby and Olivia will be okay, it’s the threat of more happening to him and his friends that have Cesar concerned. That’s especially true with Monse.

All this does is make Monse a bigger target. She’s now the girlfriend of a gang member. This is something she knew going into her time with Cesar. She’ll now have to accept the consequences that come with that. Danger is around every corner.


Both Monse and Cesar have held their feelings for each other back from the rest of the crew. Nobody had any idea of this being a thing. Jamal, Ruby, and Olivia didn’t know anything about this. The two are infatuated with each other, and they made it public knowledge at the end of Season 1.

It’s good that the two have each other. Cesar goes to Monse when he needs to escape the perils of his life. She’s one of the ones that get him and listens to his troubles. It’s good for him to have her in his life. He can’t go to his brother, who is all about the gang. Monse sees the good in Cesar and knows how much he’s struggling inside.

It’s a strange love affair with the two. We’ve seen the couple have their issues in Season 1. It all seems to be water under the bridge now. The two are happy and living life together. Cesar might be on the verge of warfare with rival gangs, but it doesn’t matter to Monse.

On My Block isn’t a show about love, it’s about the struggles a group of kids face living in the rough part of town. However, the relationship of Cesar and Monse is still a key piece to the story. How will they continue this love affair in Season 2?


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