New York Mets: The addition of Jose Bautista could be beneficial

Former Atlanta Braves third baseman Jose Bautista has a new home. After the Braves released him a few days ago, there are now reports surfacing that the New York Mets will indeed be the ones to sign him. Reports are not clear as to when this deal could become official. Nonetheless, indications are that this could be done as soon as Tuesday.


After failing to reach a deal to stay with the Toronto Blue Jays, The team released him. He was one of the players who wouldn’t be signed for some time. Then, the Braves decided to give him a shot and signed him to a deal. In 12 games for the Braves, he would end up going 5-for-35 (.143) with two home runs. This was clearly not the same player who hit 40 home runs and had a .250 batting average three-seasons ago. In his 15 year career, he has 333 home runs and .841 OPS. It’s worth noting that when he played for the Blue Jays, he would end up becoming one of the leagues, top hitters.

The addition of Jose Bautista to the New York Mets is actually a good thing. If you look at the Mets lineup, they are pretty much a lefty-heavy lineup. It’s worth noting that the two Mets hitters who are righties are Yoenis Cespedes and Todd Frazier. As of this writing, both players are currently on the DL. It’s actually worth noting that this will be somewhat a return home for him. Back in 2004, the New York Mets acquired Bautista from the Kansas City Royals for Justin Huber. However, they would end up flipping him one day later to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Ty Wigginton and Matt Peterson. He wouldn’t become a star until he would arrive in Toronto.

My message to Mets fans is to give him a shot before you write him off. The Mets are still in the thick of the National League East and any help will be beneficial for the long haul.

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