MLB Rumors: New York Yankees Interested In Cole Hamels?

The New York Yankees are right where they want to be but who says things couldn’t be better? With the Yankees fighting the Boston Red Sox for the lead in the AL East, there are rumors according to FanSided, that they could go after Cole Hamels of the Texas Rangers.

While many are expecting the Yankees to go into full attack mode on Manny Machado at the trade deadline, it’s not their offense that has fans worried. While the pitching has stood their ground, the MLB season is a long one and players like CC Sabathia has been known to suffer injuries. But not just that, can the Yankees honestly say they can depend on Sonny Gray and Jordan Montgomery for the rest of the year?

What hurt the Yankees last season was getting hitters out when they needed to stop the bleeding. While Sabathia has been around, the Yankees rotation is still a little on the young side. Masahiro Tanaka is 29, Luis Severino is 24, Gray is 28, and Montgomery is 25. While the offense can score runs, the postseason is all about the mound. Adding a player like Hamels could be just as good as the Houston Astros picking up Justin Verlander last season. And we all know how well that worked out for them.

Over his career, Hamels has won 149 regular season games with an ERA of 3.37 with 2284 strikeout. However, it’s not the regular season why the New York Yankees will attempt to go after Hamels. What the Yankees need is experience and after falling short with Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta, Hamels may be the next best option. During his postseason career, Hamels has pitched 98.1 innings, won seven games with a 3.48 ERA while striking out 92 batters. Not to mention, he also was the ace for a World Series-winning team. Hamels has the resume the Yankees are looking for.

Cole Hamels

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Yankees make a trade for Cole Hamels?

For years, the Yankees have made trades and ate a chunk of their incoming players’ salaries. Well, for this trade to happen, the Yankees will need the Rangers to do just that. Hamels is still on the books for $22.5 million this season and a club option of $20 million in 2019. Now, maybe the Rangers can gobble up half of that but if they don’t, then the Yankees can rent Hamels for one season and see what happens after the World Series (Yeah, I said it).

This may be a move the Rangers are not willing to make. But if the postseason is out of their reach by the trade deadline, they may want to unload a huge contract and move forward. On the New York Yankees side, getting Cole Hamels may be the final piece to the World Series Puzzle. Any doubt, just ask the Yankees’ hitters how valuable Verlander was last year.

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