Cleveland Browns: Could Tyrod Taylor Become a Trade Target?

Back in March, the Cleveland Browns made a trade for QB Tyrod Taylor. At the time, many thought he was the answer at QB. That was until the Browns used their number one pick on a QB in the 2018 NFL Draft. Selecting Baker Mayfield with the number one overall selection has made this piece possible. Could the Cleveland Browns actually consider trading Taylor at the trade deadline? Here are a couple of scenarios that fit that question.

  1. The Cleveland Browns Re-coup the damage

When the trade was completed, the Browns traded away their third-round pick, 65th overall, to the Buffalo Bills for Tyrod Taylor. This trade is on the cheap side for a “franchise” QB. At the time, most also thought that the Browns would take a QB in free agency. However, once the trade was announced that removed all thoughts of that.

Even though the Cleveland Browns made the trade the for Taylor, there was still a lot of talk about the team using the number one overall selection to take a QB. Afterall, they had the first and fourth selections. They did just that with the selection of Mayfield. Leaving many to wonder what will happen with Tyrod Taylor.

Taylor is in the last year of his contract. Thus, the Browns could be willing to try to only re-coup the draft pick they gave up in a trade for Taylor.

  1. Injury Causes Panic

Scenario number two is that a team loses their QB to a debilitating injury. Said team then comes calling to the John Dorsey and the Cleveland Browns. “John, It is (GM) from the team, how available is Tyrod Taylor? We just lost (QB Name), and we need a veteran to get us through the year. This team is on the brink of a possible playoff berth. So, we will give you the third that you gave up for him and a conditional pick. If we make the playoffs you can have our highest fourth and if we do not you get a sixth. How does that work for you”?

Knowing that the Cleveland Browns have Baker Mayfield and he is ready, they could jump on this right away.

While I advocated all offseason for the Browns to not take a QB at one, it happened. Nonetheless, they now have three capable QBs on the roster. One of whom is the number one overall pick. Hence, there is a possibility to see some veteran movement.

What do you think the Cleveland Browns could do with Tyrod Taylor? Leave a comment below.

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