Grey’s Anatomy Must Send April And Arizona Off With Style And Grace

Fans of the hit show Grey’s Anatomy are still somewhat crushed that two of the big stars are leaving after Season 14. According to Entertainment Weekly, Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw are leaving Grey’s Anatomy as their storylines will be wrapping up. Well, sort of. There’s a possibility they could return but with their departures leaves two glaring issues.

Drew, who plays April Kepner will leave the show, however, in doing so, she will take with her, one of the best and most toxic love storylines. What will happen to Kepner and Jackson? Where will Kepner end up in the future and what does that mean for Jackson and his daughter Harriet?


One of the issues with Grey’s Anatomy already is the non-existence of family values. The kids on the show (when seen) are often raised in single-parent homes. While that is the norm in today’s society, it doesn’t have to be such a recurring theme in Grey’s Anatomy. By removing April Kepner, that will either leave her without Harriet or Jackson without Harriet. For once, can we just get a happy ending for one family?

The departure of Jessica Capshaw who plays Arizona Robbins will leave a void in the cast with her leadership and heart. Arizona is already dealing with her daughter being out of the picture with her ex, Callie, living in New York. While love has been a hit or miss with Arizona lately, she’s still seen as a great mentor to Alex Karev and one of the strongest characters on the show.

Robbins is still the same woman who survived a plane crash, lost a leg, her wife, and daughter. And yet, she still has reason to smile and be there for others. How will Grey’s Anatomy replace her soul? Losing Arizona is huge, just not in terms of any love triangles as Kepner’s absence would cause, but just due to her being one of the shining lights in a dark place.

Will Grey’s Anatomy Send April and Arizona Off In Style?

But with last weeks episode, fans were left in emotional turmoil. At first, the thought of losing Kepner to an automobile accident brought back memories of how we lost Derek. That was so not cool to do. Then, to make matters worse is how they toyed with our emotions by saving her life. Now, with a healthy Kepner, we’re left to wonder how she will depart Grey’s Anatomy. With the reveal that she and one finance Matthew are an item, one has to believe that she will take a leave of absence from Grey Sloan to be with him. But where does that leave Harriet? Maybe she and Matthew will stay in Seattle but if they don’t, then the Season Finale could be explosive.

The departure of Arizona has not taken on the emotional toll that Kepner has. Arizona is moving to New York to be closer to her daughter but in doing so, she may have to deal with her own issues as she will be closer to Callie and hew new woman. While April’s decision will appear to be a spur of the moment thing, Arizona should get a huge party.

Grey’s Anatomy has survived the departures of central characters before and the show still has continued to shine. However, the loss of Capshaw and Drew will leave a void that fans may not have come terms with, just yet.

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