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Cleveland Browns: 3 Biggest Mistakes Made This Offseason

The Cleveland Browns are looking to turn two of the worst seasons in NFL history into the next Cinderella story. However, in order to do so, they had to make a few changes to their roster. To win in this league, it takes a complete team approach and lately, the Browns have not been one. The finger could be pointed in many directions. But what this offseason was supposed to provide was a reset of sorts. While they did make a few good adjustments, the Browns managed to fall short in other areas.

Here’s 3 Offseason Mistakes The Cleveland Browns Made.

Why Did The Browns Keep Hue Jackson?

I get it, the Browns want the coach who has struggled to be the one to lead them out the darkness. While that sounds all good in well, Jackson is not the guy to get that done. Yes, his teams over the last two years have been marred with controversies and injuries, but also poor draft picks and offseason additions. Anytime a coach goes 1-31, it’s time to move on. With coaches getting fired left and right this past season, the Browns had the chance to imporve their leadership. The last two years, the Cleveland Browns weren’t expected to do too much but place themselves in a position to get a high pick. However, after the moves they made this offseason, there’s reason to believe they could win the AFC North. But leading the way is a coach who has won just one game in two years.

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Why Didn’t The Browns Draft Bradley Chubb?

This may come back to haunt the Browns as early as this season. With Chubb on the board, the Browns bypassed possibly the best defensive player in the 2018 NFL Draft and went cornerback instead with Denzel Ward. The Ward selection was done to shore up a secondary who surrendered 28 touchdowns through the air. But one of the main reason for so many TDs was the fact that the front line of the Browns could not get to the quarterback. Passing on Chubb was another missed opportunity that the Browns could not afford to make. Pairing Chubb with Myles Garrett would have given the Browns possibly the best defensive line in the division.

Why Didn’t The Browns Lockup Josh Gordon?

Yes, Gordon has had his share his issues over the years. However, if last season was any indication, then he appears to be away from the darkness. If that is true, then the  Browns just took a huge gamble with their best playmaker. By signing Gordon to a one-year deal, they may have opened the gates for him to be stolen. What they’re banking on is Gordon having a bounce-back season, but in the process, they could watch him walk out the door. If Gordon gets 1000+ yards and 8+ touchdowns and the Browns are still treading water in the standings, why would he want to come back? But, let’s say he has some undying loyalty to the Browns organization for sticking by him through his troubled times. Now the Cleveland Browns will have to pony up some major cash to keep him. After already signing Jarvis Landry this offseason, it’s safe to say that the Browns may be headed toward paying their starting receivers close to a combined $22 million per.


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