Cedar Point: Halloweekends Needs To Be All About Frontiertown And The New Backstory

How cool would it be to experience Frontiertown during Halloween? Cedar Point already does something with this area of the park for its annual Halloweekends event. You’ve got a few scare actors roaming, and a pirate cove walk-through maze. It’s the latter which should become a new attraction. It fits right in with the new theme of Frontiertown.

The Cedar Point documents the backstory to Frontiertown very well. Chess, Digger, and Blackjack are out for revenge on Maverick. A themed scare attraction that ties into this would be really quite cool and creepy. CP could really make something special with this, possibly on the Universal Studios level. All they have to do is tell a story.

Things might be a tad dark and twisted. Although, just imagine a scenario where Maverick has gone crazy and is out to find Digger, Chess, and Blackjack. He’s on the hunt, and you’re caught in the middle of it. Maverick, filled with rage kills anyone who gets in his way until he meets the three behind Steel Vengeance. He’s finally met his match.


Between the land of Frontiertown and the space inside Maverick (roller coaster), this scare zone and attraction goes better there than the current Pirates walk-through that’s occupying it currently. The Pirate maze of Frontiertown didn’t really fit in. By devoting a new section of the area to this new backstory, things can be a little more cohesive and together.

Cedar Point invested a lot of money into the revamp of Frontiertown. It’d be a shame if they didn’t milk every ounce of potential profit out of the area. Here’s a prime opportunity for them to capitalize. Many would flock to the park for this. It just adds to the Steel Vengeance legacy.

Granted, it’s a good bet Cedar Point doesn’t do anything like the scenario I played out. The park doesn’t want to associate their new characters and story with such a dark situation. Still, anything Frontiertown related would be nice. Getting rid of the Pirate walk-through is a nice start.

We know Cedar Point is looking for new ways to bring guests to the park. If they aren’t going to theme Halloweekends in Frontiertown to their new characters, it’s a wasted opportunity. As mentioned before, just a few minor tweaks and it’ll still be quite the spectacle. But there’s just so much they can do with Frontiertown. Why not go all out?


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