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New York Yankees: It’s World Series Or Bust, Simple As That

The New York Yankees made a bold move with the firing of Joe Girardi this offseason. There are not many times you will see a team just one game away from the World Series fire their manager. But this is the route the Yankees have gone and for Aaron Boone, this could become a nightmare. Boone has a history with the Yankees, much like Girardi did before becoming the manager. However, who cares when championships are on the line?

Girardi managed the Yankees for 10 seasons with one World Series squeezed in. During his tenure, the Yankees would go 910-710 with six postseason berths and one World Series title in just his second season according to Sports Reference. However, this is about the obstacles that Boone will have to face much like Girardi did.


Girardi took over a team that featured Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Alex Rodriguez. Along the way, Girardi would go on to see his Hall of Fame players retire and forced to start over with a young roster. No, there were no more trips to the World Series in that time which made last season his best managerial job as he guided a team many picked to finish third in the AL East to just two games behind the Red Sox for the AL East crown.

For anyone who thinks there’s no pressure on the first-year Yankees manager, think again. If Girardi was fired after being one game away, what are the expectations for Boone as he not only gets the same team but an upgrade with the National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton? Nevermind catching the Boston Red Sox for the division crown, none of that really matters. All the Yankees care about is winning No. 28. Boone has to be sweating bullets as he must do so in his first season.

Can Anyone Stop The Yankees From Winning Championship No. 28?

When the season kicked off, the Yankees struggled as if they played in Marlins Park and not the Bronx. But then the Yankees bats and arms started to click and the team is in the midst of a streak that can only be defined as “what’s yet to come”. Yes, this is baseball where anything can happen but this is what the 2018 New York Yankees are supposed to do. This team was built to beat the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees have already sashed 51 home runs (2nd), drove in 205 (1st) runs with 313 hits (11th) while batting .249 (11th). Once again, this was expected. When your lineup features the type of hitters the Yankees have at their disposal, should they not be in the top 10 in the majors? However, while the hitting was to be the driving force, the Yankees have been able to take flight thanks to their pitching staff.

What was to be the weak link has quietly turned into their saving grace of sorts. On the season, the Yankees have an ERA of 3.50 (7th), given up 283 Hits (5th) and stuck out 390 batters (2nd). This team is on a roll. Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka are leading the charge with hopes that CC Sabathia, Jordan Montgomery, and Sonny Gray will catch fire soon enough. If the Yankees can continue their torrid pace, then title No. 28 is a sure bet.


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