2018 NFL Draft Grades: Cleveland Browns put out the fire

Cleveland Browns 2018 Draft Grade - B+8.8
The Cleveland Browns had an opportunity to knock this draft off the map. The Denzel Ward selection leaves a few questions in what could have been a fantastic first round. Callaway could be fantastic if he stays away from trouble. Bradley Chubb would have brought an A grade.

For the Cleveland Browns, the 2018 NFL Draft was a winning situation. Having five picks in the first 65 picks is truly a way to rebuild a franchise. With all the trades that GM John Dorsey made during free agency, the team could go several ways. Although, taking a QB with the number one overall could become a head-scratcher. After all, they traded for a QB in free agency. Nonetheless, the Browns grew up a little in this draft. Let’s take a look at their selections and how the team graded out in 2018.

Round 1Baker Mayfield, QB – Oklahoma

Mayfield will bring a spunk to the Browns offense. However, the Cleveland Browns once drafted a kid who they also thought would bring spunk. The difference, Mayfield does not bring the off-field baggage that Johnny Manziel brought. We will have to see how the battle between Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield plays out in training camp.

Round 1 – Denzel Ward, CB – Ohio State

The Ohio State CB was the biggest question mark for the Browns. They had the opportunity to have one of the best pass rushes in the game with Myles Garrett and Bradley Chubb. They chose to go with the back-end of the defense and Ward instead. Taking a CB this high in the draft means he is a game changer. I am not sure that Ward is on that level.

Round 2Austin Corbett, OL – Nevada

Corbett is a 6’4” 305 lbs mountain of a man. However, he is athletic enough to play either guard or tackle. The Browns are looking for a replacement to the recently retired Joe Thomas. We could see Corbett in that role.

Round 2Nick Chubb, RB – Georgia

The Cleveland Browns did draft a Chubb. Nonetheless, it could be the wrong Chubb and a round too late. Nick Chubb will be a productive back for the Browns. I, myself, thought the team should have taken Saquon Barkley. Chubb will be a franchise back as well. Teaming him with Duke Johnson and Carlos Hyde gives the offense a plethora of backs to play with.

Round 3Chad Thomas, DE – Miami

Thomas is going to bring an immediate effect to the Browns defense. He is very explosive off the ball. His athleticism accompanied with that explosion will put Thomas on the field immediately. Especially in a pass-rushing rotation.

Round 4Antonio Callaway, WR – Florida

Callaway is a first round talent at WR. Many scouts will tell you that. He does come with some off-field issues. This is the reason he fell to the fourth round. If he can keep himself clean from everything, the Cleveland Browns may just have one of the many steals of this draft.

Round 5Genard Avery, LB – Memphis

Avery is tough, strong, downhill LB. He improved his skill set before the 2017 season by working out with a former NFL DE Chuck Smith. This allowed Avery to become a better linebacker. The improved skills accounted for 80 tackles, 22 TFLs, and 8.5 sacks.

Round 6Damion Ratley, WR – Texas A&M

The WR room of the Cleveland Browns is going to be full. The team already had Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, and Corey Coleman. Now you add Callaway and Ratley to the mix. There definitely is no shortage of weapons in Berea, Ohio.

Round 7 – Simeon Thomas, DB – Louisiana-Lafayette

Thomas brings good size to the Browns defensive secondary. His 6’3” frame should match up well with most WRs. Making the final 53 is going to be tough for Thomas, however. Especially in the secondary. Thomas may contribute early to special teams.

The Cleveland Browns had a better than average draft. Especially for a team that has had some of the worst drafts in recent memory.

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