Cedar Point: Frontier Town Gets New Life Because Of Steel Vengeance

Steel Vengeance isn’t the highlight of the 2018 Cedar Point season. It’s Frontier Town that’s the real star of the show. After a massive overhaul, the themed section of the park has new life. And while a new coaster certainly does a lot to the experience, taking time to appreciate Frontier Town is a must do.

Let’s start with the back story of Frontier Town. Cedar Point has presented an elaborate cast of characters and locations aimed to heighten the section of the park. You’ve got the Steel Vengeance gang with Blackjack Chamberlin, Chess Watkins, and Digger. There’s also Maverick (named after the coaster in Frontier Town), and others like Sidewinder Sue.

It’s not just characters that inspire Frontier Town. You have the Cedar Creek Mining Company (based on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride), and Ms. Keet’s BBQ. On the Frontier Trail, there’s a nod to Chester Watkins, Chess’s father, who owns a blacksmith shop. All of this and more adds to the mystique of Frontier Town.

With a new layout, Frontier Town also has great new food options. The options are mostly BBQ, and are some of the tastiest options you’ll find at a park.

Ms. Keet’s BBQ features smoked wings, Brisket, and pulled pork. All of which are delicious, especially the pulled pork. Best of all, you can get one of these delectable meals and a side with your meal plans. One benefit is this location offers a nice sit down atmosphere and air conditioning.

Sidewinder fries are the item most will go back to. The well seasoned fries are some of the best Cedar Point has to offer. And keeping with the BBQ theme, you can get things such as pulled pork, beans, cheese, and other toppings on their numerous selections of loaded sidewinder fries.

As far as other food options go, you now have signature burgers inspired by the Steel Vengeance gang (the Chess burger is phenomenal), BBQ pizza, and brownie batter ice cream. Cedar Point has really upped its game with the food offerings this year in Frontier Town. Everything is just so damn good. You’ll want to come back again and again to have more.

If the back story and food weren’t enough, Cedar Point has also re-done the General Store and stocked it with numerous treats and trinkets from the park. In addition, there’s the Steel Vengeance shop. It’s there that you can get all of your SV shirts and collectables.

One thing Frontier Town has always prided itself on was Maverick. Opened in 2007, this coaster has been regarded as one of the best in the world. This season, Cedar Point has added lighting and sound effects to the launch tunnel. It’s a nice touch that added a lot to the coaster. Do this one at night, as it’s a completely different experience.

It’s easy to get caught up in Frontier Town. I spent most of my time during First Rider Benefit and Frontier Town Hoedown trying to take it all in. Cedar Point has added a lot of easter eggs around the area to tie into Steel Vengeance and the back story. It’s almost as immersive as Knotts Berry Farm’s Ghost Town.

While Steel Vengeance might be the star of the show to some, take time to appreciate Frontier Town. There’s been a lot of time invested into this area of Cedar Point. It looks great, and they’ve really outdone themselves. Make sure to say hi to Chess, Digger, and Blackjack as well

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