Arrow: John Diggle Is Acting Like A Spoiled Brat And Has Nothing To Show For It

Everyone seems to be leaving Oliver on Arrow and venturing off on their own. While they have somehow placed the blame on him, they have to admit for themselves that a lot of their decisions are based on personal gain as well. It started with Dinah, Curtis, and Rene. After Rene was confronted about snitching on Oliver, the three newbies decided that Team Arrow can no longer be trusted and went their separate ways. Even his partner John Diggle has decided to go off on his own.


The reason for them leaving was stupid but they had to do what had to be done. However, John Diggle is a different story. Diggle has been with Oliver since the beginning and their bond is more like brothers than teammates. Yes, they may fight and have their moments but it’s always been out of love. That was until John got a taste of what it’s like to be The Green Arrow.

John Diggle

John’s beef with Oliver is that he stretched himself too thin and lost focus on what’s important– the team. To an extent that’s true. But what were his other options? For a while, Oliver turned over Team Arrow to John and all hell broke loose. John told Oliver that if he was still in charge, the city would never have been taken over by Cayden James or Diaz but how is that true? When John Diggle was leading the way, Team Arrow was too busy running for their lives. Their leader had the shakes, froze in combat and almost got himself and his team killed a few times. But yet, John still believes that he was the better leader than Oliver.

Does Oliver have his flaws? Yes, but what Diggle was fighting through was never an issue for him.

Was John Diggle A Better Leader Of Team Arrow?

John lied to Oliver and everyone else about his health issue and when it was finally addressed, he apologized and expected to be forgiven. But when Oliver took the suit back, John threw a temper-tantrum when Oliver wouldn’t return it. Was Oliver wrong? No. He made the tough decision that was best for the team and John didn’t like it. It doesn’t matter if he was healed or not. John lied, put the team and himself at risk and Oliver did what needed to be done.

With Oliver not returning the suit to John, he decided to go and work for ARGUS instead. With his rant about Oliver not being able to protect the city, John has had his time to prove his point. But still no Diaz in his possession. John has an entire army of soldiers behind him and still is two steps behind Oliver. So what was his point again?

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