Carowinds: Project Alpha Is Just The Start Of The Park’s Master Plan

Carowinds already has signature coasters such as Fury 325, Intimidator, and Afterburn, Reports would suggest something new is coming for 2019. They call it “Project Alpha, and according to Screamscape it’s going to be unlike anything we’ve seen in the USA. This is a good sign for the Carolina park, as Cedar Fair looks to continue putting money there.

Here’s what we know about “Project Alpha”. Screamscape believes we are getting a new double launched coaster from MACK Rides. If this is the case, Carowinds would have a monster of a coaster on its hands. MACK is big business overseas. They create some of the best work in the theme park industry.

With coasters like Blue Fire (Europa Park), Helix (Leisberg), and Star Trek Operation Enterprise ( Movie Park Germany), MACK is at the top of their game. We’ve seen just a taste of what they can do with Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City, but this would be a much different experience. Cedar Fair doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to coasters. They go all out.

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If “Project Alpha” is indeed a MACK double launched coaster, it would serve as only the second in the USA (Manta at Sea World San Diego), along with the prototype spinning coaster that is Time Traveler. They’ve been very quiet in North America for quite some time. It appears they are making a comeback in a big way.


Carowinds, which could use a new coaster, is home to what many call the world’s best coaster in Fury 325. Imagine adding a MACK mega-coaster that features the double launch. Parks like Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Icon), Europa Park (Blue Fire), Movie Park Germany (Star Trek), have these as their signature roller coasters. At Carowinds, this could be their second or third best.

Carowinds has become Cedar Fair’s pride and joy. It doesn’t have the crowds of Cedar Point or Knotts Berry Farm, but still can be regarded as one of its most profitable. The park does get busy, which is why investments such as a new MACK coaster need to be made in order to keep guests coming back.

Cedar Fair knows Carowinds is vaulting in popularity. They are addressing that with the addition of a new on-site hotel. A project like this signals that Cedar Fair intends to grow Carowinds into a premier destination for guests and enthusiasts. And after the 2019 project, more could be on the way for Carowinds.

Some believe Hurler will be transformed into an RMC, or an entirely new wooden coaster is coming to the park. There’s so much going on at Carowinds. As it continues to grow, more will be needed to satisfy guests. “Project Alpha” is the next step in that plan. And it won’t be the last.

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