Nickelodeon Universe: Pepsi Orange Streak Is A Kids Coaster Everyone Can Enjoy

The Pepsi Orange Streak at Nickelodeon Universe might not be the fastest coaster in the world. Don’t let this fool you, as there’s still an enjoyable experience awaiting. While it’s not the best ride/attraction at the Mall Of America park for adults, the kids will love it.

When you first see Pepsi Orange Streak, you’ll marvel at how long this coaster really is. It literally spans almost the entirety of the park. And with a large coaster, comes big trains. There’s room to fit 30 on Orange Streak. This means wait times aren’t as long as most rides in Nickelodeon Universe.

I’m not going to lie, I had quite an enjoyable ride on Orange Streak. It wasn’t very intense or packed with much airtime. That’s not the point of this coaster. Orange Streak serves as a great first big coaster for the kids.

As mentioned before, Orange Streak spans the length of Nickelodeon Universe. One of the highlights of the coaster is the interaction with the log flume. You’re sent through the makeshift mountain. This is a unique aspect of this coaster and offers some nice scenery.


It’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the park, at least for a few minutes, and you get quite the interaction with the boats if they pass by. What’s best is the section goes nice and slow. You’re not rushed out of the log flume mountain quickly. It can best be described as a longer break run.

There isn’t much in terms of a thrill for this. Again, it’s more of a kids coaster. Some airtime does sneak in though, more so around the first section of the ride. Orange Streak will not blow you away, but it’s a nice credit to have. There is a small complaint with this, though.

I’d have liked for this coaster to be themed to a Nickelodeon character or franchise. The Orange Streak is too generic of a name. Perhaps paint it green, and bring back the Runaway Reptar name from the earlier Paramount (Cedar Fair) parks. Every big attraction at Nickelodeon Universe is themed to a show, this should be no different.

Name aside, this serves as a great first big coaster for the kids. Zierer and the Mall Of America have done a great job keeping this coaster going since 1992. It’s not a classic, but one you need to do simply because of the cool themeing around the log flume. Adults can ride this coaster, and they should. Not the most thrilling, but it’s enjoyable. That’s not bad at all.

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