Cedar Point: Steel Vengeance Is The World’s Best Coaster

Cedar Point knocked it out of the park with Steel Vengeance. Quite possibly the world’s best coaster, the RMC creation was a massive hit for myself and the many that have ridden it thus far. It’s safe to say that something like this won’t be built for quite some time.

Let’s get started on Steel Vengeance. The latest creation from RMC is its best. From the amazing, and well thought out, backstory to the coaster itself, Cedar Point went above and beyond for this. Enthusiasts from all over will want to ride this coaster, and it almost guarantees it will be their new number 1.

First, it’s the backstory of Steel Vengeance that really adds to the experience. With the three main characters, Blackjack, Chess, and Digger, all having some sort of connection to Frontier Town, Maverick, and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, everything connects. It’s a great way for Cedar Point to add to its themeing, something which they need to do more of.

All the themeing in the world wouldn’t matter if the coaster didn’t live up to the hype. And as mentioned before, this is the best coaster I’ve ever done. Steel Vengeance is in a league of its own. You’re out of your seat more than in it. The airtime is arguably greater than that of Skyrush at HersheyPark.

RMC, as usual, pushed the envelope on its signature elements. Aside from the 200 ft drop, the numerous inversions are the highlight of this coaster. One of the more unique elements was the flying snake dive. It’s essentially
a barrel roll which leads to a right twist dive, and the train turns to the left. It sounds unreal, and it is. You can’t forget the infamous RMC wave turns either, and those are here too.

To be honest, the most thrilling part of Steel Vengeance is right near the end of the ride. The bunny hills that send you back into the station are intense. You’re already halfway out of your seat from the coaster, and these are just the cherry on top. It’s similar to Lighting Rod’s finale.

Lastly, the trains and restraints are classic RMC. The trains are made to look like a mix of mining cars and actual trains (can’t tell which look they were going for). The design is quite nice. As for the restraints, you get a seatbelt and the RMC lap bar and leg restraint. There was something about Steel Vengeance’s restraints that felt different, though. I wasn’t cramped, nor did my thighs hurt going down the bunny hills or airtime moments.

Steel Vengeance will be known as the world’s best coaster soon enough. Again, Cedar Point knocked it out of the park. RMC might have created their masterpiece here. This coaster has everything, airtime, inversions, height, speed, and fast turns. You’re not going to find a better ride out there. It’s truly the wildest ride in the West.

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