WWE: There’s a few issues with the Universal Title Match

The WWE will be having a network special on Friday that is called The Greatest Royal Rumble. We will have every title be defended, a casket match between Rusev and Undertaker, and just a match between John Cena and Triple H. Due to the beliefs in Saudi Arabia, there won’t be any women matches on Friday. While the matches that have been official look to be good, there is one match that is making me scratch my head. The WWE Universal match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar that will take place inside a steel cage.


Personally, I have two serious issues with this match. For starters, why is it in a steel cage? As Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray were talking about on Busted Open a few days ago, a steel cage match is typically something given to the babyface for them to contain the heel. In the few encounters that Reigns and Lesnar have had, Lesnar never really ran away from him. Instead, he beat the crap out of him. Another issue that I have is how did Reigns earn a rematch for the Universal title. This isn’t like he beat Lesnar at WrestleMania and is defending it.

Even if Reigns does beat Lesnar on Friday, he is set to face Samoa Joe for it at Backlash. However, that may change since Samoa Joe is on Smackdown now. Personally, this match was done to help the card and nothing else. My guess is that if Reigns were to win on Friday, he would get cheered. However, the WWE has an opportunity to get Reigns over. If they have Reigns beat Lesnar like Lesnar did to Reigns at WrestleMania, it will truly help.

The WWE will have the Greatest Royal Rumble airing this Friday at noon on the WWE Network.


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