I Feel Pretty: This Is Definitely Not Amy Schumer’s Best Work

Amy Schumer is rather hit or miss. I Feel Pretty wasn’t her best film. The message behind it was great, it just doesn’t hit the mark. What could have gone better and what was done right?

Amy Schumer-
The main character of the film needs to be on her game. It was definitely not Schumer’s worst (Snatched), but I’ve seen a lot better from her. She’s got appeal in Hollywood, but this film isn’t going to have legs, seeing as she’s not a bonafide star.

I Feel Pretty is a very unique concept. Renee, played by Schumer, suddenly sees herself as a beautiful and confident woman. The concept seems as if it’s a homerun, but the pacing and predictability brought this down. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the story, just wish it was more thought out.

As mentioned earlier, Schumer can be hit or miss. She might not have been very good in the acting department, but atleast the film was funny. There are some laugh out loud moments. And while I Feel Pretty does suffer from a poor joke every so often, it makes up for it on the next scene.

Michelle Williams-
I’ve come to expect a great performance from Williams whenever she’s featured. While this isn’t an Oscar-winning role, she was just deplorable in this. Even for a tacky comedy, her acting was awful. This isn’t the Williams we are used to seeing.

The main takeaway from I Feel Pretty is that being pretty and beautiful shouldn’t be the key to your happiness and confidence. It’s great to have a film that tackles this issue. And while the message can seem a bit contradictory, when you think about it after you’ll understand what the film was trying to go for.

In the end, I Feel Pretty is your basic Hollywood comedy. It’s nothing too special, but not a bad film. There are things that should have been addressed. Amy Schumer is funny, but this wasn’t a standout movie for her like Trainwreck was. Don’t go into this thinking it’s a laugh out loud film. It’s a good way to kill 2 hours, but not a masterpiece.

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