While It Has Its Flaws, Rampage Is A Hit For The Long Suffering Video Game Movie Genre

I’ll start off by saying Rampage is the best video game to film adaptation I’ve seen. You really can’t go wrong with Dwayne Johnson. And while the rest of the cast and story isn’t as strong, there’s definitely a lot of redeeming factors about this film.

There’s a very plain story here. Without giving too much away, more attention could have been given to the backstory of the characters and the plot. You don’t feel any sort of connection to any of it. To be honest, it felt kind of rushed.

For the most part, Rampage was exactly what you’d expect from a movie based on the arcade game. There’s plenty of destruction and mayhem. That’s what fans really wanted to see. And while the story might have been a bit lackluster, the action really saves the film.

As mentioned before, it’s the action that really makes this such a good movie. A good portion of Rampage is spent with massive gorillas, wolves, and crocodiles tearing up the city. There was a lot more of this than I originally expected. At no point did this feel repetitive.

There were some greats nods to the original Rampage arcade game as well. The giant monsters were given the original names from the actual game itself. There’s George the Gorilla, Ralf the Wolf, and Lizzy the crocodile (which they might or might not have referenced in the film). There’s also an old Rampage arcade game in one of the scenes as well.

Rampage Proved To Be Worth the Watch

The film does leave some questions unanswered. Seeing as Rampage did quite well at the box office, a sequel might be in the works. The Rock might be booked for the next few years, so a second installment in the franchise might not come right away.

Overall, Rampage is a fun film that does deliver on some aspects. Again, the story didn’t pack any kind of emotional punch, neither did the characters in the film. You felt more of a connection with George than you did any human. Although, that might have been what the producers and director were going for.

If a sequel does come along, there’s a good chance it will have the same high-intensity action as the first. The Rock usually always delivers with his films. Rampage isn’t any different in that aspect. Is it the best film of 2018? Not by a long shot. Still, it’s a must-see for anyone that’s been affected by the classic Rampage arcade game, or for those just looking for a way to escape for two hours.

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