Everything Sucks: What We Would Have Liked In Season 2 Of The Netflix Comedy

Netflix decided to cancel Everything Sucks after just one season. The show was exceptionally done. It’s surprising they pulled the plug so early. There are still many questions left to be answered. What would we have looked forward to had Season 2 been a reality?

The Cliffhanger Ending
The finale of Season 1 set up for an amazing opening of Season 2. We see Luke, Sherry, Ken, and Kate inside the home of Luke and Sherry. Suddenly, a mysterious man pulls up on a motorcycle. We find out that it’s Luke’s dad. As he knocks on the door the screen goes right to credits.

This was one of the better cliffhangers I’ve seen on any Netflix show. Luke, who originally wanted to meet his dad, wanted nothing to do with him after his encounter at Blockbuster. Not only would this be awkward for Luke, but Sherry as well, especially with the new boyfriend, Ken, and Kate there.

The interaction between the parties would have made for some tense moments. The entire 2nd season would be based on Luke’s dad trying to win back his son. There’d be a sincere effort from him to win Sherry back, leaving Ken trying to fight for her as well. The storyline might not be the greatest, but it’s still better than not having a second season.

Kate’s Exploration Of Her Sexuality-
A good portion of Season 1 was Kate trying to find herself. She knew she was lesbian, just didn’t let anyone know her secret. That all changed with Emaline. It was her that really broke Kate out of her shell. Season 2 would give us a clue as to how she was handling this.

Kate never came out to her dad. There’s a great secondary plot point. How long would she have kept it a secret? What would Ken think? These are all questions we would have like to of known. Kate was extremely happy with Emaline. That’s a good sign she’s committed to this long-term, and it’s not just a phase.

Bad Move By Netflix To Cancel Everything Sucks

McQuaid’s attempt to win Emaline-
We knew that McQuaid was secretly in love with Emaline. He thought there was a real shot for them. His world came crashing down when he saw Kate kissing his crush. Surely McQuaid was devastated. Although would that be enough to stop him from trying?

Tyler and Leslie-
Tyler is a bit awkward. What he doesn’t see is Leslie throwing herself at him for attention. She’s madly in love with him, and he doesn’t seem to care. There’s not much else she can do to get him to notice her. When will Tyler see how much Leslie likes him? Will it be too late before he does?

Netflix made an awful decision canning Everything Sucks. There are still so many unanswered questions. It’s a shame we won’t get to find out what happens next in the town of Boring. That’s really unfortunate for fans of the show.

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