Nickelodeon Universe: Shredder’s Mutant Masher Isn’t Your Mom’s Flat Ride

Nickelodeon Universe isn’t all about the coasters. There are a great collection of flat rides as well. The one standout of the group being, Shredder’s Mutant Masher. The Revolution style attraction is one of the better indoor flats I’ve done. And it only helps if you’re a massive Ninja Turtles fan.

You might be asking how a Revolution-style ride would work indoors. Height is the key to this attractions, as you want to get a lot of airtime. Have no fear, because Mutant Masher does indeed get you high enough to get the airtime. I’d reckon to say this has more airtime than some coasters.

Take Max Air at Cedar Point as an example. You’re seated with an over the shoulder harness and flung in the air going back and forth. Meanwhile, you’re spinning in different directions for the entirety of the ride.

While I can safely say Mutant Masher isn’t as intense as Max Air, you don’t really think about that too much as you’re on this ride. This is a definite thrill attraction. As I said before, one of the better indoor flats I’ve done. And to be quite honest, while it doesn’t get you as high in the air, one of my favorite flat rides period.


You’ll feel a lot of G-forces on Mutant Masher. There’s a definite feeling of weightlessness on the ride. Chances are that feeling will make you feel as if you’re going to fly out of your seat. That’s the best feeling you can have on any ride.

If the actual ride experience won’t sell you, the themeing will. The entrance sign is a sight to behold. The giant ‘Shredder’s Mutant Masher’ marquee out front, along with Shredder himself perched at the top of the sign. And it’s not just the entrance sign which adds to the themeing.

You are supposed to feel as if you’re in a laboratory. The fantastic lighting on the seats (which I imagine looks amazing at night), combined with the steel floor that gives way to smoke as the ride starts, sets the mood for a fantastic thrill. You can’t forget about the soundtrack either. A really good score plays for the length of the ride.

When you add everything up, the themeing, ride experience, and score, you’re left with one amazing attraction. Nickelodeon Universe really set the bar high for other flat rides. This isn’t something you can just skip over when visiting the park. Shredder’s Mutant Masher is an A+ attraction.


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