Scorpion: CBS Can’t Cancel Show Until We Get Closure About Walter, Paige, And Florence

It took the season, but Scorpion finally addressed the love triangle between Walter, Paige, and Florence in the Season 4 finale. When Season 4 started, we were just celebrating the new relationship between Walter and Paige. As fans were finally able to rejoice, CBS decided to throw a spin on things with the addition of Florence.

In the beginning, it was a dislike between Walter and Florence but that was more like an elementary school crush where the guy would always hit the girl he liked when the teacher wasn’t looking. While some fans just couldn’t come to terms with a Walter and Florence union, Scorpion was setting it up. The issue was, it took longer than expected.

Should Walter Choose Paige

As much as fans wanted to believe in Walter and Paige, how could it work? They say opposites attract but they really have nothing in common. Would the relationship have made it further than one week it Ralph wasn’t in the picture or they didn’t work together? They like different foods, music, social gatherings, personal interest and talk two different languages. Walter is a geek. All brain with little heart as Florence once pointed out to Paige. The signs were there but some fans and Paige just decided to ignore them.

Trying to compare Walter and Paige to Happy and Toby is unfair as they share similar qualities. Sylvester found his soulmate in Walter’s sister because she was a bit on the quirky side as well. Paige wanted to make Walter normal but how could she when he’s stuck in his ways and surrounded by others who are just like him?


This is why adding Florence was such a great idea.

Should Walter Choose Florence

But did Scorpion take too long to have this story come full circle? It took the entire season just for Florence to admit there are feelings there and when she finally did, we fast forwarded to see her standing by Walter’s side and Paige on the outside. But with the news that Scorpion may be canceled by CBS, it leaves us wondering if we will ever get any answers. Like what happened in those two weeks after everything exploded? Did Walter and Florence start a relationship or is it just business-related?

It would be great to see two teams working against each other but to also see how Paige will react to Walter and Florence as a couple. I once said that Florence is the better fit for Walter over Paige and she is. Scorpion just threw the Walter and Paige relationship down our throats because that was their only option at the time. But once Florence entered the picture, maybe the grass was greener on the other side.

The only way to settle this love triangle is by giving Scorpion another season to clean up the mess.



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