Nickelodeon Universe: Ninja Turtles Must Replace Ghost Blasters

It’s time Ghost Blasters at Nickelodeon Universe receive a facelift. The interactive dark ride isn’t as enjoyable as it could be. Due to a very basic and repeated layout, the ride leaves much to be desired. Why not theme the attraction to a Nickelodeon show?

Here’s the scoop on Ghost Blasters. It’s a ride similar to Boo Blasters on Boo Hill at numerous Cedar Fair parks across North America. In addition, many other amusement locations share the same theme.

Not a bad ride by any means, the whole theme behind it gets a tad repetitive. This is especially true when you’ve done two of the standard Boo Blasters on Boo Hill rides before. Ghost Blasters is a new experience for most. I know a lot of Nickelodeon Universe guests haven’t done a Boo Blasters or similar model from the Sally Corporation before.

For a park that’s based around Nickelodeon, the use of a non-IP is puzzling. Which is why there must be a change to the layout and theme of Ghost Blasters.


Here’s the Ninja Turtles premise I’ve come up with. You need to defeat Shredder and his genetically engineered foot clan. The only way to do it is by shooting these reverse-effect ooze guns at them, sending them back to their original form. There comes a point where you’ll encounter Super Shredder at the conclusion of the ride.

You’d need to incorporate screens into the ride, possibly making it 3D. Seeing as Turtles are so popular, this would garner Nickelodeon Universe a lot of attention. The new ride would bring in many more guests than that of Ghost Blasters (Which never had more than 2 people in line at any point I was there).

Nickelodeon Universe has invested heavily in Turtles. With two outstanding flat rides, that have great themeing, they aren’t afraid to use the money on the license. Why not spend a little more on revamping Ghost Blasters for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Surely, they can justify doing that.

It’s all just a pipe dream at the moment. There’s a small chance something like this happens, but don’t hold your breath. Ghost Blasters is a cheap attraction to run that still has some value to those who have never ridden one similar to it. There’s just a lot of money left on the table if Ninja Turtles isn’t used in this attraction. That’s something Mall of America and Nickelodeon Universe need to fix.


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