Dez Bryant Release: Top Five Landing Spots

Today in a somewhat surprising turn of events the Dallas Cowboys released the all-star wide receiver, Dez Bryant. There has been some chatter about this prior today but nothing was finalized. Judging by Dez’s reactions on Twitter, it was not a clean breakup. So where should he go? Below are five of the top landing spots for this star wide receiver to call home next season.


  1. Washington Redskins – On his Twitter, Dez Bryant has been retweeting and mentioning tweets. Ones that have revolved around him playing Dallas twice next season as “revenge games”. So the natural first spot to look would be within this division. Out of the Cowboys many rivals, the Redskins are easily the most hated historically. Not to mention as an organization they have $17.2 million dollars in cap space according to Which Is the most of any team in the NFC East. The Redskins, after acquiring Alex Smith, have one of the brightest futures of that division. Not counting the super bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Not only could the Redskins offer Dez something close to what he made as a Cowboy, they offer the chance to play them twice a year to “get back at them”, and the chance to play for a championship.
  2. New York Giants – The second team is also within the division, no surprise. However, this one comes with an already elite quarterback at the ready and this franchise has a chance to draft one of the best running backs in college football in Saquon Barkley. Between Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., and possibly Dez Bryant. He would turn them possibly into a contender. One downside to joining the Giants would be that he wouldn’t be the “star receiver” that he was in Dallas a few years ago. The Giants would also have to make room as their cap space is only at $4.8 million dollars.
  3. Houston Texans – This would almost be better than playing the Cowboys if Dez is looking for revenge. To go to an in-state rival in the state of Texas is almost Benedict Arnold level betrayal. Not to mention on offense some of the pressure would be off his shoulders with DeAndre Hopkins on the other side of the field and one of the hottest young signal callers in the game at the helm. The Texans would also be able to sign him for what he was making if not a little bit more than the Cowboys since right now, Houston has roughly $35 million dollars to spend on the free agent.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars – Aside from not being able to play the Cowboys twice a year. Jacksonville makes sense as a team to pickup the now free agent wide receiver. It would make sense to bring in a veteran to Jacksonville to help mentor the young receivers as well as Blake Bortles. After going to the AFC Championship game last season, the Jaguars also give him one of the best chances to win. The Jaguars would be able to plug him in immediately, not to mention be able to pay him close to if not more than he made in Dallas. As their current cap space is about $18.5 million dollars. Also, the Jaguars are slated to play Dallas next season.
  5. Carolina Panthers – It has been no secret that looking in the draft, the Panthers are after a wide receiver. Would Dez be able to take their number one spot right off the bat? Only time would tell. But similar to what he would be in Jacksonville, the Panthers could bring him in as a reliable receiver to help out current quarterback Cam Newton in a very heated NFC South race. The Panthers currently have $7.5 million in cap space they could use to sign the free agent.

It is going to be interesting to see where Dez Bryant, one of the most beloved players by Cowboys fans since Michael Irvin ends up.

Photo Credit: Donald Miralle – Getty Images


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