Syracuse Chiefs: A Fond Farewell

With their 10th and last season with the Washington Nationals, the Syracuse Chiefs will say goodbye to their once big league team. A decade of baseball has seen MLB stars like Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg come up through the ranks and rehab stints from players like Jason Werth and Ryan Zimmerman. There is even a current class of young talent such as Victor Robles giving the team a spark of excitement. While the team has been a roller coaster of good and not so great seasons, there has always been plenty to see at the ballpark


The Chiefs might not be as popular around the local community as the Syracuse Orange college basketball team, but for the die-hard baseball fans, the team has been a staple of their summers for as long as they can remember. Whether you grew up with them as the Syracuse Chiefs or your earliest memories were from the days of the SkyChiefs in MacCarthur Stadium or NBT Bank Stadium bidding farewell to the Chiefs will surely bring up some distant memories. 

The team and the stadium aren’t going anywhere, but with the New York Mets taking ownership, the Chiefs moniker will be stripped for the first time since 1934 in favor a more franchise-friendly Syracuse Mets. It’ll be a hard transition for many of the Syracuse baseball fans but hopefully, change the culture surrounding the baseball team. Syracuse locals love their sports franchises so hopefully, the Mets organization brings some buzz along with the name to bring die-hard and casual audiences back out to the park.

While there are plenty of changes coming up for the Chiefs, there will also be plenty of the same. With a long-standing tradition of late night fireworks flooding the summer skies, the return of Salt Potato weekend, Duel of the Dishes, and a slew of other locally themed nights at the ballpark there will be plenty to look forward to. With events planned all summer and enough fireworks to fill a warehouse, the Chiefs look to send off their parent major league club with a bang.


**For more on the changes to the Chiefs and in-stadium experience this year, listen to manager Randy Knorr and GM Jason Smorol from Media Day this past week below.**

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