New York Jets Draft Talk: Five prospects at three

The New York Jets recently traded up with the Indianapolis Colts to get the number three pick. Many believe that this is for a QB. Although it very well could be, there may be another player or two on their radar at three. In fact, the Jets may just surprise everyone in the draft. However, that is not likely. So, in saying that, we will look at five possible prospects on the radar for the New York Jets in the first round on April 26. (Players on the list are not in particular order)

Baker Mayfield, QB – Oklahoma

Many believe that no matter what QB the Jets select that they will be sitting behind Teddy Bridgewater or Josh McCown. However, you do not take a QB this high in the draft without the intentions of having him start. Mayfield is certainly day one ready. If the Jets brass looks at taking Mayfield at three they certainly will have some decisions to make.

Josh Rosen, QB – UCLA

Rosen is probably the most qualified day one player at the QB position. Meanwhile, the New York Jets dished out quite a bit of money in free agency. Is it worth having a $15 million backup? I know that the Jets want to secure the position. Maybe, just maybe they went about it the wrong way.

Bradley Chubb, Edge – NC State

Chubb is the best pass rusher in this draft. He would instantly make the New York Jets pass rush better. The Jets were one of the worst pass rushing teams in 2018. Thus the need for the upgrade at this position. With the money spent and the QB depth in this draft, having the Jets go the route would not be a surprise.

Quenton Nelson, OL – Notre Dame

To me, this pick would be a big surprise. The Jets need to protect the QB, taking Nelson would be the best pick to do that. In fact, he is the only offensive lineman worth taking this high in the draft. However, taking Nelson may just cause a ruckus on draft night.

Sam Darnold, QB – USC

Darnold is another day one type QB. However, his prowess to turn the ball over needs to be kept in mind. Nonetheless, he should be on the Jets radar. If Giants take a QB, I believe it will be Rosen. Also, I am a firm believer in the Josh Allen to the Cleveland Browns at one. Therefore, Darnold may be available at three. Hence, giving the New York Jets an option while on the clock.

While the New York Jets have several needs, QB is where they will go on April 26. They will have their choice of several options at three. Can they really go wrong? Fans may think so if they chose outside a QB.

How do you feel about the New York Jets direction at three? Leave a comment below.

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