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Bullet Club: Where Does The Group Go From Here?

The Young Bucks chose Cody. After a dramatic match at Supercard of Honor, it appears some allegiances in Bullet Club have changed. Kenny Omega might not be the leader anymore. Instead, it appears Cody has taken over that role. This isn’t the end of the story though, as many other pieces need to fall into place.

Omega had a great relationship with the Bucks. They were like family. Seeing them turn on him was a major shock to everyone. Now, Matt and Nick Jackson are aligned with Cody. The shift in power with the Bullet Club comes at a time when uncertainty reigns.

We know that the Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, and Adam Paige are members of Cody’s Bullet Club. This leaves other members such as Tama Tonga, Tama Loa, Bad Luck Fale, and Chase Owens left without a true leader, as Omega continues his run with Kota Ibushi. It’s unlikely any of them fall into Cody’s vision of Bullet Club (aside from Owens).

When it comes the Elite, that seems to be over with. No longer are the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega aligned with each other. That’s a real shame, as the trio were popular all across the world. Now, it’s the Bucks and Cody. So, what happens with the situation involving Omega, Cody and the rest of the Bullet Club?

Expect there to be lines drawn in the BC. As mentioned before, the Japan guys will probably side with Omega, while the Bucks, Scurll, and Paige choose Cody. There might be a match between the two groups to determine who the rightful leader really is. That’s the only way I can see this finding a resolution.

One thing we don’t want is a situation like NWO Hollywood and NWO Wolfpack. You can’t have Bullet Club be two different groups. It needs to be one cohesive unit. At this point, it’s unlikely that happens. The relationship between the two sides is not repairable. Don’t expect Tonga, Loa, and Fale to fall in line with Cody.

If Omega wants to leave Bullet Club and focus on being a tag team with Ibushi, that’s on him. He’s lost a good portion of his BC bothers. Cody is going to assume the leadership role. Whether Omega or the rest of the BC like it or not, that’s what’s going on.

Cody is the master manipulator. He’ll get anyone to join his side. He’s got most of the BC behind him. Surely they’ll be issues that come up, but Cody seems to have a handle on things. Although, it’s unfortunate that Omega might be gone from Bullet Club. However, that’s just the way things go.

There are those who are on Team Cody and those on Team Omega. This situation isn’t over. There will be more to come of it, that’s for sure. For now, Cody is the man. And he’s not going to relinquish the power anytime soon. In fact, this isn’t just Kenny Omega’s Bullet Club any longer. Therefore, he’s not the only one who wants the prestige of being top dog in Bullet Club.

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