The Titan: Netflix Has Got A Winning Sci-Fi Picture With This Underrated Gem

The Titan is one of Netflix’s best sci-fi films. They’ve given us a few over the last 4 months including Bright and Mute. Their latest is an action-packed adventure that really kicks into high gear at the third act. And while the majority of the film is setting up for its conclusion, this is still a damn good film.

Starting off, The Titan might deter some after the first 45 minutes. It’s not the most exciting or ambitious film. You don’t really grasp what the movie is going for. The plot, which seems very easy to understand, is not. In fact, you’ll probably consider turning The Titan off and watch Stranger Things for the 5th time. That would be a big mistake.

As you start to understand the story a bit more, things start to fall into place. You’ll become invested in the film. At the conclusion of the second act, there’s a surprise twist that you won’t see coming. And it’s for that reason why this film really hit with me.

You’re not aware of the film’s sci-fi elements until the big twist. You’re just thinking of it as some typical thriller. That’s not what you want to get from this. The Titan is without a doubt a sci-fi picture. And while it doesn’t measure up in scale to Netflix’s other recent film, Bright, this is a step forward over Mute.

Some have given The Titan a bad review. It has faults, there’s no denying that. There are some major plotholes. Certain questions don’t get addressed. At least for me, those didn’t matter as much. There’s still a great film here.

I’m usually one of the biggest critics when it comes to certain films. Despite what others may say, I really enjoyed The Titan. The end of the film does somewhat set itself up for a sequel. While I don’t think we’ll get one, it’s worth some thought from Netflix executives.

Seeing as Director, Lennart Ruff, has two director credits to him, I’d say this is a win for himself and his career. In addition, both Sam Worthington and Taylor Schilling are solid in this film as well, especially Schilling, who makes you forget that she’s the face of Orange is the New Black.

Is The Titan perfect? No. It can be a mess at times, and very hard to get through. If you give the film time to develop, you’ll be rewarded with a solid conclusion. Sci-fi fans will enjoy this, as will fans of other genres. Don’t listen to the negative reviews, Netflix has a winner on it hands.

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