Lucha Underground: Killshot Is Worthy Of Championship Gold

Lucha Underground is home to some of the best wrestling in the world. With the fourth season set to debut in June, fans will get their first taste of what the team at El Rey has in store. If you’re going to give us something, how about pushing Killshot to the main event scene.

Shane Strickland is one of the world’s best wrestlers. He’s known in Lucha Underground as Killshot. It’s a drastic difference from his character outside of LU. He’s colder and calculated away from his Shane Strickland persona, and is very methodical as Killshot.

Currently, Killshot is one-third of the 6-man title holders with The Mack and Dante Fox. The latter put on one of the best matches of 2017 with Killshot. It was a real brawl, one which left the two broken, bruised, and cut. If fans didn’t notice him before, they certainly did then.

Strickland is one of the best indie wrestlers in the world. He’s held belts in Combat Zone Wrestling, Defy, and Wrestle Circus just to name a few. And now as 6-man champ, Strickland has Lucha Underground gold to add to that list. That shouldn’t be where he stops, though. He’s more than deserving of a match with Pentagon for the Championship.

Talk about a fan favorite, Penatgon is one of the most over wrestlers in the world. He’s definitely a draw, and with Prince Puma (Ricochet) leaving LU, he’s the star of the show. Although, Killshot has that kind of appeal. He’s one of, if not the, best wrestlers in Lucha Underground. A match between the two would be epic.

It’s not the fault of Killshot that he’s never gotten a chance at the LU title. There’s just so much talent on the show, he can get lost in the shuffle. As 6-man champion, this is the opportunity Killshot needs to climb the ladder. Fans will come around quite quickly to the idea of him becoming Lucha Underground champ.

We know that wrestlers like Brian Cage, Johnny Mundo, Fenix, and Mil Muertes are the top of the food chain, but Killshot needs to be among those wrestlers. He might not be able to carry the show, but there’s no denying him a spot as Lucha Underground elite.

After seeing what Killshot can do against Dante Fox, it’s nice to see LU officials the reward him with the 6-man titles. At least they are trying to push him in the right direction. He’s just too good, and a lot of fans already know this.

While he doesn’t go by Shane Strickland in Lucha Underground, he’s still the same indie darling that fans love. There’s a massive appeal with the Killshot character. It’s hard to not cheer him on as you would your favorite wrestler. Whether it’s Shane Strickland or Killshot, a Lucha Underground title should be in his future.

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