Creed II: All You Need To Know About The Powerful Sequel

Whether you’re a fan of the sport of boxing or just a fan of cinema, you’ll find plenty of hard-hitting action in the much-anticipated sequel Creed II. Now, if you’re a Rocky fan then you’re probably aware of the storyline of Creed and how it ties into the earlier Stallone blockbusters. But if by chance you don’t know the earlier films, or just never got around to check out the first Creed film released in 2015, I got you covered.

Like Father, Like Son.

Creed is a film that follows the boxing ambitions of Adonis Creed, a young boxer who faces obstacle after obstacle, working to be the best fighter that he can be while also trying to live up to his name. Adonis is the illegitimate son of one of the greatest fighters of his time Apollo Creed. Apollo was a heavyweight champion in boxing and a foe-turned-friend to the great Rocky Balboa. In fact, Apollo was actually the first fighter to give Rocky a shot at showcasing his skills and getting notoriety by fighting him. Apollo Creed eventually dies while in the ring going pound for pound with Ivan Drago, a deadly heavyweight fighter from Russia. Although Apollo was accomplished in his career, he never met his son Adonis, who learns all about his father from the guy who knew him best, Rocky Balboa.

While Adonis finds out what carrying the name “Creed” entails in the boxing world, the second installment of the film seems to promise even bigger and better match-ups. Remember when I mentioned Ivan Drago earlier? The fighter who ends up killing Apollo Creed in the ring? In the new Creed II, Adonis will face off against the son of his father’s killer, Vitor Drago. I don’t know about you, but that’s one hell of a storyline and a fight that will be one full of passion and pain.

The creative minds responsible.

While the first film was directed by Ryan Coogler, who was also responsible for the success of Black Panther, he is reported to not be directing Creed II. While some fans were pretty upset about the news, in a interview with Variety, Coogler explained to fans exactly why he would not be directing the project: “Creed was about my dad and me, so it’s a movie that I find difficult to watch. It’s difficult for me to even think about it, I’ve got so many emotional ties to it, not to mention you know how much I care about the people involved.” While Coogler states that it is emotionally hard for him to do the film, others believe he is just entirely too busy to contribute to Creed II. Nonetheless, he is optimistic about Steven Caple Jr., who will be replacing him as director and seems to have no worries about the films’ success.”It’s amazing that they found an incredible filmmaker in Steven Caple Jr., who’s a guy I actually went to film school with, who I have a lot of love and respect for. I can’t wait to see what he does with it.”

But who doesn’t seem to be too busy for the project is Michael B. Jordan (Adonis)? Although Jordan has seen just as much success as Coogler with the release of Black Panther, he prepared for the filming of Creed II while working on Black Panther. According to Jordan’s personal trainer, getting fit for Creed II started immediately after finishing Black Panther. In an interview with Esquire, physical trainer Corey Calliet briefly spoke about what training is like for Jordan. “When we go to Philly, it’s going to be like boot camp. We’re just going to be eating and training all day: eat, train, take a break; eat, train, take a break; eat, train, all day long,” Calliet says.

You don’t have to be a Rocky fan or even a boxing fan to enjoy Creed, just a fan of movies jam-packed with action. Excited about the film now? Well, it won’t be too long before you can witness this highly anticipated fight with Creed II hitting theaters November 21st.

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