Universal Orlando: Celebrate DreamWorks At The Park

Universal Orlando is known for its special events. Whether it be Halloween Horror Nights, Mardi Gras, Grinchmas, or Celebration of Harry Potter, there’s never a dull moment at the park. And continuing the tradition, Universal Studios Orlando should add a DreamWorks celebration to their lineup.

There are so many movies in the DreamWorks catalog. Universal Studios Orlando features some at the park. There are meet and greets with characters, parade floats, and attractions with some of DreamWorks more established franchises. Orlando loves to incorporate these films into the experience.

A DreamWorks celebration would showcase some of the best-animated films in the world. It would be along the lines of the Harry Potter celebration. You’d have animators, directors, actors who voiced the characters, artwork, themed food, and cosplay, ranging from all the different properties of DreamWorks. Considering the popularity of these movies, the turnout would be quite huge.

To do this, Universal Studios Orlando needs to take a page out of Hollywood’s book and get more Kung Fu Panda in the park. Shrek is the only DreamWorks property to have an attraction in Orlando. By doing what Hollywood does for this movie, even if just for one weekend, the celebration will feel special and unique. And you could add any number of DreamWorks films to the mix.

DreamWorks Would Be A Smart Play For Universal

As mentioned before, the food, merchandise, and drink options for the event would be endless. Similar to Hollywood, you could do a Mr. Ping noodle stand. There’s also the opportunity for circus themed foods like funnel cakes, flavored popcorn, stuffed pretzels, cotton candy and more when designing a menu for the setting of Madagascar.

Then there’s the merchandise. This is what Universal makes most of their money on. Not only would you have shirts and mugs commemorating the event, but there’s also things like signed movie posters from the voice actors, stuffed plush, and many more items to take home.

Celebrating DreamWorks at Universal Studios Orlando would be a dream come true for most. And it’s not just kids that will like it. Parents will also have an interest in this too. Some of these older DreamWorks movies were popular when they were teens, so it’s probable that the will take an interest in it as well

DreamWorks is one of the most successful animated film studios in the world. Their reach extends to Dubai, where MotionGate features an entire section of their park dedicated to the properties. There’s no denying the popularity of these films. A celebration would be a great way to celebrate the magic of DreamWorks.


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