Future Man: Tiger And Wolf Share A Connection That Neither Will Admit

Are Tiger and Wolf meant to be more than what they are now? One of the side stories of Future Man is the relationship between the two. While it never really amounts to much, the writers of the show do a great job of selling the connection they have.

Both Tiger and Wolf come from different times than current day. The majority of the Future Man is spent way before the time they are from. They don’t believe in these kinds of relationships. Still, for two people who don’t seem to care about each other in that way, they certainly have a lot of feelings towards one another.

The proof of the connection between the two can be found in the back half of Future Man. When Wolf goes off and becomes Cory in the 80’s, Tiger doesn’t know what she’ll do without her lost companion. We get a different side of her. She’s not the same person without Wolf.


There’s a lot of history between both Wolf and Tiger. They are two of the last members of the resistance. Fighting side by side to trying to save the world, they deserve to at least test the waters. That’s probably never going to happen though, as their time is much different from the current day.

A prime example can be the calling of the mouth a rat hole. It’s apparent they aren’t too fond of kissing in their time. Both Tiger and Wolf are far from lovers. Regardless, the two share a connection with each other., that’s all that matters. Even if they won’t kiss, that doesn’t mean they need to stop caring.

We know Josh has a thing for Tiger. She’s definitely not showing an interest. Wolf has shown interest in her as well, but who knows if that will lead to anything in Season 2 of Future Man. There seems to be a line the two won’t cross. Whether or not they decide to step over it is up to them.

One thing is for sure, both Tiger and Wolf have deep feelings for each other. They need to try to explore those. It might not be something the two are used to, but they obviously can’t live without each other. Let’s see if Season 2 brings us closer to something more permanent between Tiger and Wolf.


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