Everything Sucks: Kate And Emaline Are The Perfect Couple

There might not be a more interesting subplot to Everything Sucks than the Kate and Emaline story. With both just starting to explore their sexuality, there’s a real connection between them. Does the future hold good things for the happy couple?

We know this is Kate’s first female relationship. Emaline isn’t known, but we can assume it is. This can’t be easy for the two. Although, both seem pretty happy and content with each other. We’ll see more of them in Season 2, but right now this is the best thing going on Everything Sucks.

Kate wasn’t sure of her sexuality at first. We know she liked girls, but, with Luke in the picture, it was hard to fully grasp that. Emaline had always been with Leroy. At first, she seemed to pick on Kate for her sexuality. As things crumbled in her life, she grew close to Kate.

Emaline felt safe when she was able to open up with Kate. The difference in her was night and day. The makeup was gone, as was the selfish attitude. It was almost like we were seeing a completely different person. That’s the effect Kate had on Emaline. As for Kate, she was able to fully explore her sexuality. She didn’t feel alone.


The one thing Everything Sucks did well was got you to invest in the characters. I’ll admit around the last half of the show, I was pulling for this relationship. They balanced each other out, and they both seemed much happier in their lives because of it. We can expect them to take their relationship to the next level.

The only hindrance to their relationship might be the two girls coming out to those close to them. Kate has yet to tell her dad and seeing as he’s the principal of the high school, he’ll probably find out fast. Emaline faces less pressure, but there will certainly be a period of testy waters.

Both girls are perfect for each other. Both know about heartbreak and can help each other get through the tough times of their lives. Everything Sucks needs to focus more on their relationship next season. Let’s hope that these two stay as happy as they were at the end of Season 1.


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